Henk de Vries' Daimler Double Six Coupe

 Page Three: The Exterior Photographs

On this page are featured the exterior pictures of my car; this page will feature shots from other Double Six Coupes as they hopefully come in.

Fortunately, the exterior of the car was fine when I bought it. Look at that monstrous (Daimler's were handmade!) stainless grill; still, the air intake below it is absolutely required to suck in breath to the uncannily quiet V12. The clock, fuel pumps, and at higher speeds the wind, all are louder than the whispering of the engine..


Another Daimler-specific trim detail is the stainless strip over the middle of the hood (helps keeping this BIG car nicely positioned when you're sitting on the wrong side in a right hand driving country.. Webasto manual sunroof is original, noisy, but together with the completely open side windows it gives a very convertible feel those two days it doesn't rain here in Holland :)


Twin exhaust pipes will one day be replaced with stainless (suggestions anyone?); also, the handmade stainless ribbed part on top of the boot is Daimler-specific.

English understatement? Note the absence of a Daimler logo! I have learned that this is original; The indication "Double Six" was deemed sufficient for recognition by fellow nobility (I daresay, old chap, that's not a Jag, is it?)..


Wheelcaps with the stylized "D" give away the car's identity from the side; the stainless steel strip along the sheerline is not original, it is difficult to find for the two-door, but it does look sweet..


Tyres fitted are "VR" type Pirellis, safe and very firm, with excellent road-holding capability; they are a bit noisy though; does anyone have experience with Michelin or other brands on these very fast heavy cars? The original Dunlops were a lot less 'glued' to the road at speed or in corners.


World-wide Double-Six Coupe owners: email me at henk3@flowerweb.nl
(with info, pix, and stories, and I will incorporate them in these pages!)
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and yes..
average fuel consumption is absolutely not better than 20 liters per 100 km..
top speed -to be further investigated- comfortably over 220 km/h
acceleration well under 6 seconds 0-100 km

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