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Hi, I'm Jerry Casper, a guy of diverse interests. Personal File: born 3/3/60, now married to a lovely Pennsylvania Dutch girl ( whom I rescued from Texas in 1998 ), personality type INFP (you look it up!), 5'9" tall, blond, green eyes. So much for the personal profile. I like collecting diecast and scale cars as well as full-size cars, other hobbies include scale model trains (G, 0-27, and HO), and auto memorabilia. I also have interests in bowling, Ultralight aircraft flying, scuba diving, and anything else that catchs my interest. My first automotive crush was on '57 Chevies, but I've since included AMC's in my life, especially Gremlins . I hope you find something unique and interesting in here to enjoy, as I'm trying to make it as different as possible from the other resources available. Included in this site is some history, speculation, facts, and tidbits of info on my favorite cars and trucks. I intend to concentrate on some specific models of AMC's and Chevy's, particularly Javelins, Hornets, and Gremlins of AMC, and Tri-Chevy cars and trucks, with a lean toward the Suburban/Panel trucks and the '57 model passenger cars. I'll be scanning in photos and redoing this Web-page as I get more proficient at HTML editing ( and Geocities allows editing ). Happy page-cruisin'! Here's a current list of interesting cars and other "vehicles" I own ( or wish I did! ) as of February 2001 : 1970 Javelin, Hunter green ( my first AMC car, acquired Dec.? '94 ), 1978 Sun Orange Gremlin GT,acquired in '97, 1971 light blue Gremlin with factory rolltop sunroof,acquired Nov. '99 1972 Gremlin with factory rolltop sunroof, acquired June '01 1957 Chevrolet 4-dr 210 sedan, white with grey top (inherited from my Dad, been in family since '69), 1955 Task Force Chevrolet Suburban truck, blue (still awaiting restoration, making some slow progress) 1979 Pacer wagon, Sable brown w/woodgrain siding,my main driver, 1979 Honda CX500 motorcycle,needs work, 1983 Ross 10-speed mountain bike,hardly ridden, ??? Ultralight aircraft, still in dream phase.

A Short History of the company
formerly known as
American Motors Corporation

Gas cap for the AMC Hornet

Originally started as a bicycle company in the 1890's, in 1902 the Jeffreys Motor Company was formed to produce automobiles, as that was a burgeoning cottage industry and alot of bold people and companies started up to try to put their mark on the world with a self-propelled vehicle. It grew, merged, grew and merged again with other independent makes over the years such as Nash, Lafeyette, Hudson, Jeep, and finally Renault, until the fateful buy-up by Chrysler in '87. The American Motors name first appeared in 1954, when Nash and Hudson merged. Nash/AMC tried many interesting deals with other companys and individuals to produce unique cars, such as the Nash-Healey sports car, the Metropolitan with the British Austin motor, the Pina-Farina AMX prototypes, the Hurst AMX/SS, SC/Rambler, and Hurst Jeep, and the Griffith Concord and Eagle convertibles, to name a few. Chrysler bought AMC in 1987 for the Jeep line and sadly killed off all models except for the Eagle, which survived a while longer. The Dodge Viper was originally based on the Eagle platform in one prototype stage, so maybe the Viper is really a "closet" AMC?! Some of the engineering today at Chrysler is performed by former American Motors employees, and the new heads for the Mopar small-block V-8 has a definite AMC flavor to it. While technically a dead product line, a new 500 cubic inch race motor based on the AMC 401 design has been birthed by an independent company to compete in the drag racing arena. Herman Lewis in West Virginia to this day is making and producing AMC engine parts and blocks for competition use. New Indy heads for the venerable AMC engine are now available in 2004, and will help bring the old powerplant into the 21st century. While the company may be dead, the dream still lives on! To view more pictures of AMC cars, follow these links:
All-AMC day, May 2000 Cecil2000
Miscellaneous AMCs AMCpictures
Concord, North Carolina AMC meet, 1997 Concord97

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Classic Chevy Cars and Suburban and Panel Trucks

I've always had a preference for either Panels, Suburbans, Sedan Deliverys or Station Wagon models, probably because I'm a packrat, and need something large enough to carry my stuff around with me wherever I go. I first bought a 1957 2-door 210 Handyman wagon in 1989, and after 7 years finally got it to the point of driveability, although the body still needs total restoration. (It has been sold, however, to allow me to pursue restoration on other vehicles I own.) Then,I found my true desire, a 2nd series 1955 3200 Chevy Suburban with doors in Warrenton, VA and was able to get it for $150. A title search revealed the last 3 owners were all women. It had been a florist vehicle during it's last days, before it was retired and lanquished in the weeds at a private junkyard until I ran across it years later. It still needs some floor and lower right rear quarter rust repair, but it's had a V-8/auto installed, and has been driven around the farm. It is now resting in a field awaiting further efforts on my part to finish it. Here are some photos I took of Suburbans at the Carlisle Truck Nationals in Pennsylvania.To see more Chevy and GMC truck pictures, follow these links:
Panel, milk, & canopy trucks ( AD/TF , GMC/Chevy )Panels
Task Force trucks 1955-59 GMC/Chevy TF Trucks

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Here are some of my Classic Chevies - my '57 4-door 210 sedan, and my '55 2nd series Suburban.

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Here's a plug for Leon's Salvage yard, " The Walking Man's Friend ", in Culpeper, VA. He has over 100 acres of fine period autos and trucks from the '40s to the '70s, with some newer vehicles. I love going there, I've been buying parts from him for 10 years, and I still haven't seen every inch of his yard yet! He has 100's of AMCs, and lots of panel and suburban trucks, too. Well worth the visit, although he's only open half a day Saturday, so you really have to come during the week. He doesn't ship parts, either, so you'll just have to visit his amazing historical auto yard to get those hard-to-find parts! Ph. # is (540) 547-2366. Located about 7 miles south of the Rt. 3 / Rt. 29 interchange on Rt. 29, about 30 miles west of Fredericksburg.

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