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Here it is!!! The place you have been looking for classic truckers paradise! All about classic trucks and happenings in Southern Illinois and a few other places too. Check out the car shows that are going on here in Southern Illinois. Then check out the Truck of the Month and past trucks of the month. Find out a little information on me and my Chevrolet pickup too. Check out my classifieds page to see what is for sale and wanted to buy. Also see if you would like to join our truck club it might be the thing for you. Don't forget to check out my links page and be sure to sign my guestbook too. Happy classic truckin'!

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Hello!!! Spring is finally here! I'm planning on leaving for Super Chevy Memphis in two weeks. Doesn't seem like it is that close already. I've updated the car shows page and put up a few more classified ads. Thanks for visiting! Your fellow truck nut, Steve.

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