TSX Mustang Unlimited celebrates the 35+ years of the Ford Mustang. The Mustang concept started in the 50's and ended up with a Prototype Mustang I being introduced in 1962 as a 2-seater roadster. This was refined and in the middle of 1964 the first production Mustang II (called "II" back then for the reason that the prototype was called Mustang I) was sold. The actions that took place at ford over 35 years ago is why so many mustangs are on roads and race tracks today.
The cornerstone of engineering which is the Mustang was partly responsible for the entire Muscle car era and the Mustang is considered the first ever "Pony Car". Please click on the affiliate banners as revenue is used to improve TSX Mustang Unlimited. TSX Mustang Unlimited offers various Mustang Manuals through Barnes and Noble for your convenience. Problems with your Mustangs?... you can purchase one of the manuals offered for a real bargain. Feedback is appreciated, guestbook, e-mail, and forum.

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