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Here are the some of my favorite Touring Cars Sites. You will find almost all you want to know about touring cars, races and the latest news about the drivers their cars and their teams. Hope that you`ll enjoy these sites and this Touring Page ! !

Damali Cizgi

Mavi Jupiter Auto Sports RACING LINKS!!!
Mavi Jupiter Official Page of Auto Trader TCC UK
Mavi Jupiter BTCC Vauxhall Mavi Jupiter ITCC
Mavi Jupiter Alfa Romeo Team Mavi Jupiter Volvo Racing Team
Mavi Jupiter Audi Racing Team Mavi Jupiter Renault Racing Team
Mavi Jupiter BMW Racing Team Mavi Jupiter Mercedes Racing Team

Damali Cizgi

Touring Vectra 96

If you want to know the maximum power & torque of this Flying Vectra, you should click this right now!!

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Home Simulator!

"The World's Best Personal Racing Car Simulator" It is designed by Australian Formula 2 Champion Jon Crooke the Hyper Stimulator replicates the driving position of a Formula One cockpit and plugs straight into the games port of your PC.

Damali Cizgi

If you want to know the specifications of what is called `Super Touring` car, according to BTCC, take a look at this site.

Damali Cizgi

Here is the calendar for DTM, GTCC, ATCC, BTCC and many more.

Damali Cizgi

The new Volvo S40 replacing the 850 for 1997

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