1980 Pontiac Trans Am Build Options And Specifications

This page is very long but should be correct as all information is borrowed from Pontiac Documentation unless otherwise stated. Most of this information concentrates on the Turbo models. I hope to list more info on other models in the future. This page is owned and created by Michael Russell, and is part of the web site "1980 TURBO TRANS AM SE".

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1980 Pontiac Firebird Production

   1980    29,811  17,277    9,356      50,896      107,340

1980 301 TURBO LU8 Engine Specifications and Other Facts and Options

   Engine-General Information

   Total dressed engine mass=   573.9 pounds                   
   Type======================   V8 90 degree OHV
   No. of cylinders==========   8
   Bore======================   (4.00)
   Stoke=====================   3.00
   Piston displacement in3===   301
   Bore spacing(C/L to C/L)==   4.62
   Firing order==============   1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
   Cylinder head material====   cast alloy iron
   Cylinder block material===   cast alloy iron
   Cylinder block deck height   9.143
   Number of mounting points 
                 front=======   2
                 rear========   1
   Engine instalation position  longitudinal 3.75 deg.
   Recomended fuel===========   unleaded-91 or higher
   cylinder head volume CM3==   70.99          octane
   Head gasket thickness 
                compressed===   1.168
   Head gasket volume-CM3====   10.09
   Deck clearance (minimum)==   .673 below; .469 above
   Minimum combustion chamber
           volume-CM3========   90.87

   Material==================   cast aluminum alloy
   Description and finish====   cam ground-slipper type-tin plated
   Weight OZ. piston only====   23.21
   Engine-Piston Rings

   Function of rings  #1=====   compression
                      #2=====   compression
                      #3=====   oil
   Compression rings width===   .0778
                     gap=====   .010-.028
   Oil rings width===========   .186
             gap=============   .015-.055
   Expanders=================   in oil ring assembly
   Engine-Piston Pins

   Material==================   SAE 1016
   Length====================   3.000
   Diameter==================   .927
   Engine-Connecting Rods

   Material==================   ARMA steel
   Weight OZ.================   21.9
   Length(center to center)==   6.050
   Bearing-  Type============   M400 aluminum steel backed-removeable
             Length==========   .737
             Clearance=======   .0005-.0026
             End play========   .006-.002


   Material==================   nodular iron(Turbo rolled fillet)
   Vibration damper type=====   rubber floated weight
   End thrust taken by bearing  #4
   Crankshaft end play=======   .089-.216

   Location==================   between cylinder banks
   Material==================   hardened alloy cast iron
   Bearing material==========   steel backed babbitt
           number============   5
   Drive=====================   chain
   Crankshaft gear material==   hardened sintered iron
   Camshaft gear material====   heat-treated cast iron
   Timing chain # of links===   60
   Chain width===============   19.05
   Chain pitch===============   9.53
   Engine-Lubrication System

   Type of lubrication-
             Main bearings===   pressure
             Connecting rods=   pressure
             Piston pins=====   splash
             Cam bearings====   pressure
             Tappets=========   pressure
             Timing chain====   metered jet
             Cylinder walls==   splash
   Oil pump type=============   gear
   Normal oil Psi at rpm=====   55-60 @ 2600
   Type oil intake===========   stationary
   Oil filter system=========   full flow
   Capacity of c/case less filter   4 quarts
   Engine-Exaust System

   Type======================   single w/crossover, dual behind cat. conv.
   Muffler no. and type======   2 reverse flow
   Resonator and type========   none
   Exaust pipe-Branch O.D.===   2.00 x .072
               Main O.D.=====   2.25 x .072
               Material======   cold rolled steel
   Intermediate pipe O.D.====   2.25 x .072
               Material======   cold rolled steel
   Tail pipe O.D.============   2.25 x .056
               Material======   aluminized cold rolled steel
   Engine-Fuel System

   Induction type============   carburetor
   Fuel tank capacity========   20.8 gallons
   Fuel filler location======   center rear
   Fuel pump type============   mechanical
             location========   right front
             pressure psi====   7.5 - 9.0
   Fuel filter type==========   Fine mesh striner in tank; pleated paper
               locations=====   integral check valve in carb. inlet
   Carburetor choke type=====   auto- electric
              air cleaner type  oil wetted paper element
              idle speed-rpm=   550 in drive
   Carburetor Information

   Engine====================   LU8 301 Turbo
   Model=====================   17080274 M4ME
   Number used and type======   1-4BBL
   Barrel size===============   1.218 - 2.25
   Transmission==============   automatic
   Make======================   Rochester

   Tires and Wheels NOT FOR FIREBIRDS

   Tire size=================   P225/70R15 for Formula and Trans Am and Special performance
   Front psi=================   30
   Rear psi==================   30
   Wheel type================   steel (cast aluminum for Special performance)
   Rim size==================   15x7JJ- (15x8JJ for Special Perf.
   Wheel offset==============   .34 (Zero for special perf.)
   Attachment type===========   stud
              Cicle diameter=   4.75
              Number and size   5-7/16-20
   Spare wheel===============   14x6 stowaway spare standard


   Type of control===========   foot lever application- hand pull release
   Location of control=======   below instrument panel at left of steering column
   Operates on===============   rear service brakes

   Drum brakes-  front=======   not available
                 rear========   standard
   Disk brakes-  front=======   standard
                 rear========   optional
   Self adjusting============   standard
   Special valving type======   metering and proportioning
   Power brakes==============   standard with V-8 engine= optional with V-6 engine
   Booster type==============   integral
   Effective area cm2========   112.0
   Gross lining area cm2=====   115.6
   Rotor- Outer working diameter  11.0
          Thickness==========   1.03
          Material type======   cast iron- vented
   Drum diameter=============   9.5
        type and material====   composite, finned, cast iron- steel web
   Wheel cylinder bore front=   2.9375
                       rear==   .938
   Master cylinder bore======   1.00= manual---1.125=power
   Pedel arc ratio===========   6.22:1=manual, 3.58:1=power, 3.00:1=optional
   Lining clearance per shoe=   self adjusting
   Brake lining----
      Front- Bonded or rivited  rivited
             rivit size======   .210x.379
             Manufacturer====   Delco Moraine
             Material========   molded abestos
             Size-out board==   5.40x1.92x0.465
                  in board===   5.40x1.92x0.465
             Shoe thickness==   .540
      Rear-  Bonded or rivited  rivited
             Manufacturer====   Delco Moraine
             Material========   molded asbestos
             Size-out board==   7.30x2.0x0.23
                  in board===   9.46x2.0x0.23
             Shoe thickness==   primary .275; secondary .305

   Manual====================   not avilable
   Power=====================   standard
   Adj. steering wheel type==   steering shaft tilts verticaly at base of steering wheel
   Tilt steering wheel=======   optional
   Wheel diameter- manual====   not avilable
                   power=====   15.25x14.75 vertical; 14.25 diameter optional
   Turning diameter ----
       outside front wall to wall   41.3 feet
                     curb to curb   38.9 feet
       inside rear wall to wall     --
                   curb to curb     --
   Power Type=============   coaxial
         Make===============   saginaw
         Gear type==========   recirculating ball bearing
         Gear ratio=========   15.0-13.0:1 (14:1 with Trans Am and Formula
         Overall ratio======   16.5-14.3:1
         Pump driven by=====   belt from crankshaft
         No. of wheel turns=   2.41
   Linkage Type=============   link parallelogram
           Location=========   front of wheels
           Drag links=======   transverse rod connects tie rods, pitman and idler arms
           Tie rods (1 or 2)   2
   Steering axis-
       inclanation at camber   10.35 degree @ 1 degree
       bearing type (all)===   ball joint
   Steering spindale and joint   reverse elliot- ball joint

   Provision for car leveling  springs
   Provisions for brake dip=   front suspension geometry
   Provisions for acc. squat   rear suspension geometry
   Provisions for car jacking  jack locating provisions on front and rear bumpers
   Shock type===============   direct, double acting hydraulic
         Make===============   Delco
         Piston diameter====   1.00

   Type and description=====   independant SLA type with coil springs
   Travel full jounce=======   3.00
          full rebound======   3.75
   Spring type==============   coil
          Material==========   alloy steel
   Stabilizer type==========   Link
              Material; dia.   steel: 1.25 for Formula and Trans Am and WS6

   Type=====================   salisbury axle with multiple leaf springs
   Drive and tourqe taken through-rear springs
   Travel full jounce=======   3.80
          full rebound======   3.73
   Spring type==============   multiple leaf
          mounting insulation  rubber bushed at shackle and hanger
   Stabilizer type==========   link
              material======   steel: .750 on TA and WS6; .625 on Formula
   Body-Miscellaneous Information

   Type of finish (lacquer, enamel, other)-- yes
   Hinge location===========   external
   Hood counterbalance======   top LH side of instrument panel-visible through windshield
   Hood release control=====   external
   VIN number location======   LH dash-visible through windshield
   Vent window==============   none
   Seat cushion type========   molded foam pad
   Seat back type===========   molded foam pad
   Frame type===============   partially - unitized frame

   Convenience Equipment

   Power windows============   optional
   Power seats==============   not available
   Reclining front seat back   not available
   Radios===================   Opt. AM, AM-FM, AM-FM Stereo, AM W/Tape, AM-FM Stereo W/Tape, AM-FM Mono W/CB, AM-FM Stereo W/CB, AM-FM Stereo W/Digital Clock
   Rear seat speaker========   optional
   Power antenna============   Optional- Standard W/Citizens band
   Clock====================   optional
   Air conditioner==========   optional- manual temp. control
   Speed warning device=====   not available
   Speed control device=====   optional- (not available W/403 V8)
   Ignition lock lamp=======   not available
   Dome lamp================   standard- dome and reading lamp optional
   Glove compartment lamp===   optional
   Luggage compartment lamp=   optional
   Underhood lamp===========   not available
   Courtesy lamp============   optional
   Map lamp=================   not available
   Cornering lamp===========   not available
   Rear window defroster
      electronically heated=   optional
   Power door locks=========   optional
   Fuel economy gauge=======   not available
   Deck lid release=========   optional


   Front tread width========   61.3
   Rear tread width=========   60.0
   Vehicle width============   73.0
   Body width at Sg RP-Front   72.5
   Vehicle width W/Front Door Open  140.5
   Wheelbase================   108.2
   Vehicle length===========   198.1
   Front overhang===========   44.1
   Rear overhang============   45.8
   Upper structure length===   94.2
   Rear wheel C/L "X" coordinate   86.8
   Cowl point "X" coordinate   9.4

   Passenger distribution===   2/2
   Vehicle height===========   49.3
   Cowl point to ground=====   35.7
   Deck point to ground=====   37.1
   Rocker panel Front to ground   6.7
   Bottom of door closed-Front to ground   9.6
   Rocker panel rear to ground    5.7

   Front bumper to ground===   11.7
   Rear bumper to ground====   10.2
   Angle of approach========   18.4
   Angle of departure=======   10.4
   Ramp breakover angle=====   10.3
   Rear differential to ground  6.8
   Min. running ground clearance  4.6
   Location of min. running ground clearance== catalytic converter
   Front Compartment

   Sg RP front, "X" coordinate 42.8
   Effective head room======   36.9
   Effective T point head room 37.1
   Max. leg room-accelerator   43.9
   Sg RP- front to heel=====   6.1
   Design H point front travel  5.0
   Shoulder room============   57.4
   Hip room=================   55.3
   Upper body opening to ground  44.6
   Steering wheel angle=====   17.6 degrees
   Back angle===============   26.0
   Rear Compartment

   Sg RP point couple distance 27.3
   Effective head room======   35.7
   Effective T point head room 35.5
   Min Effective leg room===   28.4
   Sg RP second to heel=====   8.4
   Knee clearance===========   -2.4
   Compartment room=========   22.7
   Shoulder room============   54.4
   Hip room=================   46.3

   Luggage Compartment

   Usable Luggage capacity==   7.1 cubic feet
   Liftover height==========   27.3