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  • A Gogo M/C Rentals - place to rent a Beemer and ride the mountain roads of North Carolina - can you say Blue Ridge Parkway?
  • Ad-Mo Tours - a company that organizes tours in many countries around the world, specializing in the Alps and US. Seems like they have bike rentals as well as organized tours. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Tours - has guided tours and more for mature touring riders. Located in the Lake George, NY area (Americade country), they have a variety of planned tours of the region. Include other treats like plane rides. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • Adventure NZ M/C Tours & Rentals, has a variety of "bonzer" top-of-the-line tours of New Zealand on recent-model Triumphs and BMWs. And no, they won't take you by Lucy Lawless' house.
  • Alaska Rider Tours - wanna ride on the edge of the world? Enduro and "normal" touring offered by these guys. Check 'em out if warm weather touring is too boring for yah.
  • America Harley Tours - has bikes and support for people who want to tour by Harley in California.
  • American Frontier Motorcycle Tours, Inc., has a truly beautiful web site, not to mention top-of-the-line tours in New Mexico by Harley-Davidson (discounts for HOG and AMA members).
  • American Road Collection - five or six locations along the eastern coast of the U.S. (in FL, VA and MA) where you can pick up a Harley for few days or longer.
  • Argentia Moto Adventures - based in Argentina, this outfit has a quirky website but offers several interesting tours of the country on a Honda Trans-Alp 600. Worth a look-see if you want to roam new lands. Let 'em know you heard about them at the Pit Stop, please.
  • Asia Safari Bike Tours - scheduled tours of India and the Himalayas (on Indian-made Enfield motorcycles). Check it out!
  • Australian Combined H-D Tours, can fill your fantasy of touring Oz on a Hawg.
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd. - M/C tours, bike rentals in Europe, New Zealand, Norway.
  • Bikers Planet - a list of touring companies and other commercial stuff to help you plan a m/c tour.
  • Bike Tours - UK - an alternative to AMA Tours of the UK, these guys use HGB Cycles (same as AMA) but offer some alternative routes and include the option of camping or whatever the Brits call it. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • Bikescape Motorcycle Tours & Rentals of Sydney, Australia, has a variety of plans and packages for touring Oz.
  • Blue Ridge MotoVentures is a handy start if you want to tour the Blue Ridge Mountains on the U.S.'s east coast. From guide services to full tour support, they've got it all.
  • Central Oz & High on the Hog Motorcycle Adventures - Visiting Alice Springs in Central Australia? Book your outback Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Adventure Tour here. (Passenger or Escorted self-ride options available).
  • Classic Motorcycle Adventures provides 'high-end' tours of the Sierra Nevadas and other scenic areas around Lake Tahoe, NV in the American West. On Harleys. Visit them and ride some really scenic mountain country.
  • Coastline M/C Tours - tour Vancouver Is., BC, Canada by Harley.
  • CountryWide Motorcycle Tours - Australia offers tours of Oz on BMW bikes from their base in New South Wales. I used them (Nov 99) and they took really good care of me. See my trip report for the details!
  • Country Roads Motorcycling - a NJ-based m/c rental and tours company that organizes tours in the US and overseas.
  • Cycle BC.CA - offers bikes for rental to tour British Columbia, Canada (on the Pacific Coast of Canada). Also sells bikes so you can fly in from overseas, buy one, then sell it back when done with it. They hope to organize tours, for four or more, but don't have anything set up yet. Check 'em out! B.C. is nice riding country, eh? Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • Downunder Motorcycle Tours - Touring North Queensland Australia, Great Barrier Reef, world heritage Rain Forrest and the Outback; 14 day tours.
  • Dubbelju M/C Rentals - rents BMWs, Harleys and Triumphs in California and in Europe.
  • Eagle Rider M/C Rental - a number of locations around the US where you can rent a Hawg.
  • Fossil M/C Tours - a company that rents bikes and organizes tours of the SW US and also hauls your bike to major tours around the US (Bike Week, Sturgis, etc.) when you can't drive yourself.
  • Freedom M/C Tours - Touring, bike rentals in Colorado & the US SW, from Longmont, Colorado.
  • Hawgs Wild M/C Tours - Utah-based Harley rentals and tours of the western U.S. especially Utah and the northern Rockies.
  • Highland Rider Och, laddie, dye yearn for bagpipes and haggis! Check out these lads to tour Scotland. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent ye, AND LEAVE THE BLOODY SHEEP ALONE!
  • HGB Motorcycles - an English company thatrents a variety of bikes from London and another town for riding in the UK and the Continent.
  • !NEW! Iron Horse Tours - based in Florida, USA, this company has guided motorcycle tours of the southeastern US, mostly Florida, but also the Smokies and the Natchez Trace, a historical trail running from near Nashville, TN to near Vicksburg, MS. They also have ATV trips in the Smokies. Tell 'em you heard about them at Doc's M/C Touring Pit Stop!
  • MTD Tours - based in Brisbane, a city in the state of Queensland on Australia's NE coast, this tour outfit has several tours on various BMW bikes. Offers luxury touring 'down unda'. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent you!
  • Motorcycle Vacation Guide - clearing house for information about renting bikes or going on bike tours, worldwide, plus info to consider when planning such an excursion.
  • Mountain to Sound M/C Adventures - a Seattle WA company that runs m/c tours in the great northwest (bring yer own rainsuits - 2 or 3 at least).
  • Mountain Thunder - M/C and ATV rentals in the cental Appalachian Mtns of America's east coast (West Virginia).
  • Northeastern Motorcycle Tours - Touring New England, the Adirondack Mtns (NY State), and the Canadian maritimes.
  • Out Tours - a new company that organizes tours of the US and France - bilingual tour guides.
  • Pancho Villa Moto-Tours, has, for many years, run m/c tours "south of the border" into Mexico. Recently added tours of Costa Rica in Central America, on a BMW F-650.
  • Pashnit Motorcycle Tours - offers a variety of tours of California, on Harleys or Beemers. Done by the author of California Motorcycle Roads. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent you!
  • Photographic Motorcycle Tours - this tour operator plans motorcycle trips through the SW that are also opportunities to photograph the magnificent scenery there - plenty of stops to take photos and get advice on taking great photos. Check 'em out, tell 'em Doc sent yah!
  • S.A.P. Tours - a company that organizes tours of "Swiss Alps & Passes". Run by some expatriate Brits, so English speakers (maybe even Aussies and Yanks) should have no trouble understanding the tour guides. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • San Francisco Bay Area M/C Rental - rent a Harley, see the Left Coast (West coast) - a win/win situation!
  • Street Eagle Harley Rentals - several places in the south, plus Nevada and Puerto Rico, to rent Hawgs. MILITARY DISCOUNTS!!!!
  • !NEW! Turkey Creek Tours - based in Colorado, USA, this company has guided motorcycle tours of the Rocky Mountains, through passes up to 13,000 feet. Tour includes lodging night before tour, during tour, night after tour. No trips available in December, though. Tell 'em you heard about them at Doc's M/C Touring Pit Stop!
  • A Twisty Road LLC - offers a woman centered motorcycling adventure aimed at empowering women through cycling. While men are certainly welcome, the woman focus is very important to them. To that end, they offer a non-competitive atmosphere for both beginning riders and more advanced riders. Their tours for beginners include one day of MSF instruction and then the opportunity to try out your new found skills over three days of easy riding. This woman-owned company operates out of Tucson and most tours are in Arizona.
  • !NEW! Vamos Adventure Tours - based in Calgary, Canada, offers several tours WAAAAY up north among God's Frozen People. This is EXTREMELY beautiful country - it goes through Banff and near Lake Louise, they have 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 21, or custom tours through the northern Rocky Mtns - might even go down to "Going to the Sun Highway" at Glacier Nat'l Pk in Montana, if you beg hard. Tell 'em Doc sent yah!
  • Wild Country M/C Tours - based in South Africa, this company has guided motorcycle tours of the Eastern Cape and wild coast of South Africa on BMW650 Dakar motorcycles. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent you!
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Last updated on 6 May 2005.
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