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  • The Web's First & Most Comprehensive Site Dedicated to 1962 to 1967 Chevy II Nova Station Wagons 

    1964 Nova 400 station wagon, Rick Smith, owner

    I have restoration information, pictures and other stuff related to the 1962 to 1967 Chevy II and Nova station wagon.

    1966 Nova station wagon, Chip Lappert, owner

    Nova station wagons, from the 2 and 3 seat models to custom "sedan delivery" projects will be included here.

    With countless other Nova pages on the web, very few cover the station wagon.

    There were tens of thousands of Chevy II wagons made between 1962 to 1967, but today, they are seldom seen on the streets.

    Fortunately, these cars are cropping up more & more in car shows and are an inexpensive alternative to the now-pricy 2-door coupe & convertible.

    (More info on this '65 Nova Here)

    There are also more reproduction parts becoming available for the Nova wagon - thanks in part for more people restoring these cars.

    A thanks goes to NNN member John Piccola for making the badly needed tailgate seals & rear door quarter window seals available again.

    I wonder when & if lower rear quarter patch panels will be made for the 62-65 wagons & the 66-67 wagons. Those parts are badly needed to repair those commonly rusty areas, and to date the only practical option is to modify the available sedan/coupe panels - which can be difficult.

    I am a member of National Nostalgic Nova, headed by Wayne Bushey of York, Pennsylvania.

    I also am one of several members that established North Country Nova Club, a chapter of NNN that encompasses members in New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

    Founded in January 1992, NCNC had captured the award from NNN for the most Novas owned by local NNN chapter members to attend the Nova Nationals in York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for three consecutive years, 1993, 1994 and 1995.

    North Country Nova Club holds their annual Nova Day at New England Dragway in Epping, NH on the first Saturday in June. Novas & Chevy IIs from all over displayed at this event.

    I now own five Chevy II Novas - 2 1963 wagons (one is a parts car), 2 1966 Chevy II sedans and a 1967 Nova Wagon. I already restored the 1963 wagon, the '67 wagon is well on its way.

    Are you converting a manual tailgate window to a power window? You will need to replace your manual window regulator with a power window regulator.

    I have power window regulators for Chevy II station wagons for sale. E-mail me for more details.

    Here is a page on installing new weatherstrip on the doors AND the tailgate!

    Has the sash arm on your tailgate window rusted off and you can no longer crank the tailgate window up and down?? Here is the fix to this dilemma. With a MIG welder and a rear window sash arm that fits the 1973-1991 Chevy/GMC Blazer/Surburban from the Chevy dealer, you can easily make a new one for your Chevy II wagon and get your window operating like new again. Here are the detailed plans!

    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on restoration and getting/making parts for 1962-1967 Chevy II Nova station wagons.

    I have another webpage dedicated to my other interests. Click HERE to go to that page if you are interested in ham radio, scanners, amateur television, antennas and other stuff.

    Did you know that the Chevy II Nova wagon existed in a right-hand drive version? I have a shot of one of those cars in my station wagon gallery.

    Comments? Questions? Suggestions?, send Email to Larry Artz.

    Do you have Chevy II Nova station wagon parts but no wagon? I'm always looking for those wagon parts like tailgate/tailgate pieces, quarter panels, wagon trim, interior pieces, etc. E-mail me with a list of what you have.

    If you have four-door parts like door panels, hinges, mechanisms, dog-leg pieces, etc., e-mail me a list of what you have BEFORE you send that 4-door parts car to the boneyard.

    There are several other Chevy II Nova wagon webpages on the web. Be sure to check out Dan's Chevy II Wagon Page as well as John Phillips' Nova Wagon Page.

    This Nova Webring site is owned by
    Larry Artz.

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