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Thanks for visiting. Like many amateur pages on the Web, this site is always under construction. We are expecting another load of cyber 2x4s most any time now. Click below for: glimpses of MGs, mine and others; book reviews; links to other MG sites; general ruminations on keeping the world safe for LBCs (Little British Cars); and other such ramblings as we may see fit to post.

Reside in the Ozarks of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, or Oklahoma? Consider joining GO BMC! -- Greater Ozarks British Motoring Club, our regional all-British car club serving SW Missouri and the entire Ozarks region. Visit our website at: GO BMC!, join us for monthly meetings in Springfield, Missouri (USA), and don't miss our tenth annual All-British Car and Cycle Meet in historic Carthage, Missouri, on Route 66, 23-25 July 2010!

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The Ghost MG of Blair Ridge.

GO BMC! Greater Ozarks British Motoring Club -- A Regional All-British club for SW Missouri and beyond.

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