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[Jammer's '57]

[Lana Turner/Cheryl Crane]

Cheryl Crane 14, stabbed mobster Johnny Stompanato
in the stomach during a heated battle between
Johnny and her mother, Lana Turner.

[1957 Corvette]
[1957 Engine]
[1957 Toy]

JERRY LEE LEWIS (with Carl Perkins and Charlie Rich)

[The Trio]

'Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On' is #3; 'Great Balls of Fire' is #2

Don Kent

[1957 Don Kent]

What Does Don Have to Say?

I'm not really stuck in the 50's, even though I have just about every 'top 40' hit ever recorded from 1955 though 1964. I wanted this car when it was new, the owner being a friend of the family. He passed away in 1962 and I appealed to his wife to sell it to me. She repeatedly turned me down. A surprise phone call from her in 1987 got me the car for $3000! Needless to say, I bought it immediately.
So here it is, forty thousand dollars later. I am proud to say that it's an authentic restoration. The only thing 'UNDER' the car that is not original are the mufflers, but they are NOS. The interior is also completely correct. I was forced to redo the seats due to worn thread and rotted rubber. Every bit of rubber and vinyl has been replaced. All metal parts have been refinished and/or replaced.
This interesting green color is what truly makes this car unique. Laurel Green was used for a very short time when the car was first put on the market, near the end of 1956. This car was actually built in Van Nuys in November of 1956. Because it didn't sell well, this color was abruptly discontinued, which makes my car one of the rarest original color schemes. I promised the original owner's wife that I would take car of the car. So far I have done just that.


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