SLK R170 Face-Lift for Year 2000
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Latest internal info from MB states that the production of the face-lifted SLK`s will start at February 1st 2000, but cars for customers will only be produced starting March 11th. The first cars will be delivered to customers on March 18th. The first press photo will be released December 2nd 1999, world premiere will be on January 4th 2000 in Detroit, USA, European premiere 14 days later in Bruxelles, Belgium, on January 18th 2000.
The model range will be revised and so the base-entry SLK 200 with 100kw/136hp will be substituted by the SLK 200 Kompressor with 120kw/163hp, at the same time the price of the cheapest SLK variant going up from DM 56.956 to nearly DM 60.000, but a precise price hasn`t yet been fixed. The SLK 230 Kompressor`s output will also slightly rise from 142kw/192hp to 145kw/197hp and the new SLK 320 with V6-engine will get 160kw/218hp, a slight bit less than the expected 165kw/224hp. Second new variant will be the SLK 320 Kompressor whose exact date for the market introduction hasn`t been fixed yet, but somewhen in the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2000 seems to be most likely. Both V6 variants will get air condition as standard.
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With all model variants not only the size of the gas tank will be increased from 53 litres to 60 litres, but also ESP will come as standard as well as a manual 6-speed transmission with Speedtronic, also known as tempomat, plus a gear indicator in the instrument cluster. Cars with automatic transmission will get Tipshift as standard and thus the new styled steering wheels will have no multifunction feature.
On the exterior not only newly styled fenders and door sills painted in the body colour can be noticed but also new foglamps, outside rearview mirrors with integrated turn signals, a newly styled handle for the trunk and an exhaust pipe made from stainless steel as well as a newly styled front grille which will be slightly different with the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder versions. Also the wheel design will change for all versions except the entry-level SLK 200.
In the interior new seats can be spotted which now can be ordered with fully electrical adjustment and memory, the carbon-look will be substituted by aluminium and some other parts will get more noble surfaces, a reaction to continuing customer`s critics on the "cheap" interior materials used presently.
New choice of colours contains lazulith blue metallic for the body and magma red and lotus yellow for the upholstery.
And finally also the SLK can be ordered with Xenon-headlights with automatic height adjustment and pop-out type high-pressure lens washers.
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Translation of a note from German car magazine "Auto Bild" issue 48/99 p.21 December 3rd

Small SLK Dies
Based upon our information the Mercedes SLK 200 with 136hp shall be substituted by the SLK 200 Kompressor with 163hp.       Translation by MBEP webmaster

SLK-Face-Lift and V-6 Engines  from "Auto Motor und Sport" 1998
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Photo and photo text:Auto Motor und Sport 
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Photo: Auto Bild
Left: 2nd youth with new skirts, six-cylinder engines and 18inch wheels: Mercedes SLK from spring 2000

At the half of its production time the Mercedes SLK will be stylistically and technically updated. On the exterior the modifications are restricted to newly designed front and rear skirts whilst in the interior higher-quality materials and better shaped seats will arrive. At the same time the choice of engines will be reformed and extended to the top. So the 2.3-litre supercharger engine will be replaced with a supercharged two-litre with around 190hp. Above that there will be two 3.2-litre engines with three-valve technique and 230hp and 310hp respectively.
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Photo and photo text:Auto Motor und Sport 
Brightness intentionally set too high to reveal details better
Photo: Auto Bild

SLK with New Front and V6  from "Auto Bild" 1998
Although the production of the small Mercedes two-seater doesn`t cope with the unfailing demand (still
a bit more than one year delivery time) the SLK already is going to be slightly updated. For the year 2000 there will be retouches mainly at the lower front area (bumper, grille) as well as at the rear.
But power-orientated customers will be pleased most: The Mercedes SLK gets a six-cylinder. The 3.2-litre V6 with 224hp shall not only enhance the driving comfort, but also make life harder for the competitors Porsche Boxter, BMW Z3 and Honda S 2000.
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