This is my R16 TS - December 97.


1965 :
~The first R16 is ready on January 2, 1965.
~Renault 16's were introduced in October 1965 in the DL and
  GL form (1470cc, 4 speed). Alternators and electric cooling
  fans were standard for all models.
~Voted best new car in the world for 1965.

1968 :
~R16TS introduced (1565cc crossflow engine, 87.5 [DIN] BHP 104

1969 :
~Automatic versions available (1565cc).

1970 :
~Models GL and DL replaced by L and TL models (1565cc). Rear
  lenses changed from the teardrop shape to an new oblong shape.
~TS Face-lifted.

1974 :
~TX model introduced (1647cc, 5 speed) in both manual and
  automatic versions with electric windows, central locking,
  sports wheels, tinted glass. Also, the headlamps were replaced
  from two rectangular to four squared.

1976 :
~TS model discontinued
~L model discontinued

1979 :
~TL and TX models discontinued and replaced by the R18


The info in this page it's here thanks to Ken Smith, Simon German (Renault Owners Club of the UK), and Viktor Posta.