BMC's SIX CYLINDER FARINAS: Updated, September 2008

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This web site describes the attributes of the three badge engineered marques of six cylinder farinas which BMC produced between 1959 and 1968. The Wolseley, Austin, and Vanden Plas Princess could be readily identified by their characteristic company grilles and finishing touches.


My brother and I currently operate seven of these cars which we have restored; a 1961 A99, a 1961 6/99 Wolseley, a 1963 3 Litre Vanden Plas Princess mkii, a 1964 A110 mkii, a 1965 A110 mkii, a 1966 6/110 mkii, a 1968, A110 mkii. We also own a 1963 A110 mki which is almost restored. All of our cars were exported to and sold as new cars in Canada. They are left hand drive vehicles and have been restored to original condition by our own hands.

Each of the restored cars is actually a compilation of other cars which we found lying around the province of Ontario. Most of cars in this area were retired in the 1970's due to shortage of parts and were lying in fields, barns, wrecking yards and old garages. It took a long time to find them and the best deals we had were with the original owners who were extremely sentimental about the cars.

All cars were purchased for under $400 and the worst wrecks were sometimes salvaged for $50 or free. There are few people who know what these cars are in Canada so the cars sat around waiting for us to come to their rescue. Fortunately, we both have extensive mechanical experience so we were able to do the majority of the restoration work ourselves. As overseas members of the AUSTIN CAMBRIDGE/WESTMINSTER CAR CLUB (#723), we have had access to some hard-to-find parts from across the great pond.

NEW!!Coming soon: Additional new photos in the South Africa link, of restored and unrestored farinas.

  • We are also looking for rust and dent free rear overriders for a 3 Litre Princess mkii, parts for Normalair Conditionning units, selectaride rear shocks and brake servo repair items.

    If you are in the Toronto area and see a six cylinder farina going down the road, most likely it is one of ours or it belongs to one of our small group of friends who also own these types of cars. Our address can be found at the bottom of the page.

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