Dukes of Hazzard Facts

James Best, who played Rosco P. Coltrane, is a Juilliard-trained Shakespearian actor. He also has a karate black belt.
Sorrell Booke, who played Boss Hogg, was a 1949 graduate of Columbia University
John Schneider was only 18 when he was cast as Bo Duke.
John Schneider got married before he and Tom Wopat went on strike for a season. When they came back in 1983, John Schneider almost always wore his wedding ring in the show.
The doors were not really welded shut, and in the episode called "Days of Shine and Roses", Luke got into the front passenger seat of the General Lee by opening the door.
Dodge Chargers used on the show had tan and black interiors.
Dodge Chargers used on the show were both manual and automatic transmissions. Daisy's Jeep "Dixie" was, too.
The makers of the Dukes Of Hazzard used 1968 and 1970 Dodge Chargers in addition to the regular 1969 Chargers. They were used in close-up shots.
Sorrell Booke was the voice of Pinky in the 1992 movie "Rock-a-Doodle". He also played Mr. Dilk in the movie "Freaky Friday", Archie Bunker's boss on "All In The Family", and an Army General on "M*A*S*H".
Boss Hogg and Enos made cameos on an episode of "Alice". Hogg wanted to take over Mel's Diner, bulldoze it, and put up a shopping mall. He also had Mel rename the diner "Boar's Nest West" in the interim. Enos said that Phoenix was more relaxed because people weren't jumping over rivers in their cars.
They painted the General about a million times. For instance, in the episode "A Little Game of Pool", the General Lee gets painted black. In the episode "Southern Comforts", the Dukes paint the General Lee green. In the episode "Arrest Jesse Duke", Bo and Luke have Cooter turn the General Lee into a 4x4.

General Lee

This is what was put on each 1969 Dodge Charger R/T to make it a "General Lee"

Dodge Charger [Rapid & Transit (R/T)].


The engine of the General Lee was usually a 440 Magnum, with a Holley 650 Double Pumper and an Edelbrock Torker intake. It also had headers with 3" exhausts. It was an automatic with a street-stock stall converter.
Many other engines were used just depending on the job and how far they were going to jump.

Detroit, Michigan.

Racing, black sidewalls.

Four barrels.

A Chrysler "Torqueflite" A-727, the most durable automatic tranny ever built. In some episodes, however, a manual transmission was shown.

Georgia CNH 320.

To customize the car for the show, it was stripped down to the bare metal on the outside, the rough spots were sanded thoroughly, and then several coats of orange paint were applied. All of this work was done right at the studio, where the producers had set up a repair shop just for this purpose.

New manifolds were put in the motor and a special exhaust system was installed; all spark plugs were replaced.

A grill guard is also added to protect the front end of the car during jumps.

Not all General Lee's had role bars. Most were made to look like they had them.
The doors were not always welded shut, but were made to look like they were for storyline continuity.