The Australian XP Falcons - Some brief information.

In 1965, 2,608 2 door sedans were produced in Australia, and in 1966 1,227 were produced, although the records for 1966 may be incomplete. Production ceased in August 1966. There is no breakdown of the vehicles to show Super Pursuit variants.

Nick V tells me that of all XP's sold, about 10% were sold as coupes (2-doors), and maybe less for Futuras and Fairmonts. Nick says that, "all Fairmonts came with standard reverse lights (whicj "Hella" New Zealand still make), they are all like trailer lights in clear BUT they are unique to the Falcon as they have a chrome rim at the base of the lens. A micro-switch on the steering/gear hub in the engine bay controlled the lights (which you can still BUY NEW). Reverse lights on all other models of XP was an option (which many did not opt for...." Squizzy told me that 70,998 XP Falcons were built in this short period. One of these was The Squire, which is an XP Wagon with a few extras and the woodgrain and Timber(fibreglass)panelling. Squizzy scanned the Photos from the 1965 New Release Brochure, which shows that the cars have special number plates. As mentioned previously 70,998 were made between March 1965 and July 1966. There were also some made after July 1966. But Squizzy was not so sure of the facts. The Models Were.SEDAN, DELUXE SEDAN, FUTURA SEDAN, FAIRMONT SEDAN,DELUXE HARDTOP, FUTURA HARDTOP, STATION WAGON, DELUXE WAGON, SQUIRE WAGON, FAIRMONT WAGON, UTILITY, DELUXE UTILITY, VAN. My Super Pursuit is a De Luxe model, which still confuses my a bit. Thanks to Sqizzy for this information. You can get his homepage address from my links page.

Ford Australia showed some interest in exibiting my XP in their forthcoming new Ford Discovery Museum, which will be in Geelong Victoria. They where thinking of exibiting my XP there for 3-6 months, but found a good example/s of an XP located nearer to Geelong than mine in Sydney.

The above information was kindly provided by Roger Philo of Ford Australia in June 1998. Ford Australia are currently planning a new Ford Discovery Museum,which will be a fantastic place to visit. As far as I understand it will be in Geelong, Victoria. This page might bring you some news from time to time on it's development.....The link to ford Australia is on my"links" page.

As of mid June 1998 there are 36 XP Falcons registered in New South Wales, and only 3 of them are convertables (information kindly supplied by NSW State Motor vehicle registry in June 1998). I have seen 1 convertable in Sydney with a plate XP 1--- in June 1998, it was flying past too fast for me to get any further details, great stuff whoever the driver was (about Sept 1998). The plate on this XP Falcon is, XP 1003. I saw a dark blue 2 door sedan at the domestic air terminal in Sydney, reg VCF 853 also in June 1998.I've seen a light blue one also near the same airport just a bit earlier. I am getting more information about the other states in Australia.

Ashley from Queensland sent me this information and a phot by email.

"I live in Queensland Australia and my family is pretty much a Ford family. I have an XP deluxe model and my father has a XP hard top coupe which he has only just recently finished rebuild it after it lived in a shed in the bush for 15 years in bits. In Queensland XP's can not have V8 in them ......... unless it's a sprint. I have only heard of one XP convertable so far but I think it was home made. I'm the second owner of my XP and it has done a lot of miles since. I have gone through three engines, and one gearbox. The engines all still worked when they were removed just old and tired, and the gearbox well it hit a rock a caused a bit of damage ... " This he says brings up another point about the Australian XP and it's development. The XM was the first build by ford to really withstand the Australian outback and roads. The XM was prone to damaging their front end, and was therefore reinforced in this area. Ashley says that, the XM, which obviously came before the XP had the new 200 cubic engine, and was called the Super Pursuit. Ashley is kindly sending me more information regarding this (when he's got some time. Thanks Ashley you solved the mystery I had about where the name Super Pursuit came from.

Have a look at Ashleys XP at:

Ashleys XP

If you don't own one you'll be bored stiff by now, but if there is anyone out there with more information, particularly detailed information/photos on other XP Falcon's in Australia please send me an email.

. I am sure that Ford Australia would also be interested in any further information.

For professional videos/film production, always contact Chris, currently located near Noosa Queensland

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For professional videos/film production, always contact Chris, currently located near Noosa Queensland

For a composer of video/film music, and a cool DJ it's got to be Monkey Marc, always moving around Australia.

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