The Magic of Mouflons

   The Magic of Mouflons first hit me some years ago when I attended an Exotic Sale.  A Pure European Mouflon ram came into the ring and the atmosphere quickly changed.  Before us all was this animal, dressed in his majestic winter coat colors that caught the eye of everyone there.  Since that time I have not been the same!  This sensation or magic still lives on within me, even stronger than that first  introduction to the Majestic European Mouflon sheep.

   The magic of Mouflons easily takes hold when you behold the beauty of a trophy ram in his majestic colors.  A European Mouflon ram is considered a trophy when  he reaches 25 inches.  When a ram reaches 30 inches he is considered an excellent specimen for the breed.  Some of the top rams that have been taken are around 40 inches.  The Safari Club list the number one ram in North America coming from Hawaii measuring 40 1/8 inches.  The number one ram from South America measures 40 5/8 inches and the number one ram from their native home Europe measures 41 inches.

   The European Mouflon carries large heart shaped horns.  The horns come up and then curl out from their head and then the tip of the horn will grow toward the cheek of their face.  Pure Mouflons horns should never flare out from their head like a domestic sheep does.

   Many outfitters and breeders offer Mouflon hybrids for sale.  When you put these hybrids beside a pure Mouflon you can see a lot of difference.  A hybrid will often have a longer neck ruff, be a heavier animal and will always have a longer tail.  If a Mouflon has a tail longer than four inches he is not a Pure European Mouflon.

   With a pure Mouflon you will begin to experience the magic that comes with  these majestic animals when they are only a few days old.  Within minutes they are standing up and within a few hours they are running and staying up with their mothers.

   When you bottle read a Mouflon baby it is an experience all in it’s own.  At first they are very wild, but they will soon bond with you and are very easy to raise.  We have begun to raise all of our babies on the bottle.  The one’s that we keep for ourselves are taken out of their pens on a daily basis and walked.  These are bonded for a lifetime.  One of our ewes is five years old now and she will follow me anywhere including going into the house, if I would let her.  They are a lot of fun plus they calm down the rest of our sheep.  It makes it easier to handle the whole herd.

   Besides the beauty and the splendid grace of these animals there is  a  demand for European Mouflons.  The consistent demand for pure Mouflons keeps the value of these animals up.  This adds a little to the magic of these majestic animals.

   Besides the purity of the animals we also strive to maintain strong genetics.  Our sheep have generations of rams that exceed 30 inches by the time they are four to five years old.

   In addition to the horn growth we have also been successful to produce outstanding color.  Most of our young rams will have a white saddle before they are a year old.  We also have some of our ewes that come out with a white saddle.  This is very rare in Mouflons.  We believe because of the strong genetics that they have to produce good saddles in rams that often it carries over into some of our ewes.

   Since that first Mouflon we purchased we have also purchased other exotics.  To name some of them they are White Fallow Deer, Black Buck Antelope, and Nubian Ibex Goats.  They are all very special in their own ways.  But, our European Mouflons have that certain special magic.  It is that “Magic of Mouflons.”

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