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Aegir is the god of the sea. He is one of the Vanir and a giant. His father was Mistarblindi [Mist-Blind], and his brothers were Logi [Fire], and Kari [Air]. His faithful servants are Eldir [fire-kindler] and Fimafeng [Handy].

Aegir lived with his wife (and sister) the sea goddess Ran under the sea by the island of Hlesey (or Hler). Aegir had nine daughters with Ran. They wore white robes and veils and were known as the billow maidens. They represent the different kinds of waves and are named: Himinglaeva, Dufa, Blodughadda, Hefring, Unn, Hron, Bylgia, Bara and Kolga.

Aegir was both feared and worshipped by sailors, for they believed that he would sometimes surface to destroy ships and take the ships and men alike to his hall at the bottom of the sea. He was also known to cause storms with his anger. He was also called Hler and Gymir [the Blinder] (the name of Gerd's father -- it is not known if they are one and the same).

Aegir brewed ale for the gods after Thor brought him a big enough kettle. Every winter the gods would drink beer at Aegir's home. Aegir is therfore known for his hospitality. Instead of having a fire, gold was put onto the floor of the hall to provide light. Gold is therefore called Aegir's fire. The cups in Aegir's hall were always full, magically refilling themselves. During one of his banquets the treacherous god Loki slew his servant Fimafeng.

Also known as: Gymir [the Blinder], Hler

Old Norse: Ægir

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