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I now am a GeoCities Community Leader for the TheTropics/Cabana 9000 - 9999.

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Hello, my name is Neal Skrenes; these pages combine several of my interests in R.L.


Bonne Terre Mine

As you may have surmised from my moniker, one of my pastimes is scuba diving. I have been diving since 1974 - my C card is so old it doesn't have a number on it!
I enjoy all kinds of diving, and I have done my share of wreck, cold, deep, drift, and even mine diving (that's right - underground or "deep earth" as Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri describes it) in both fresh and saltwater. As a member of the ">"40 club (years as well as dives), I now do most of my diving in warm water, hence my home page location here in TheTropics.

Caribbean Reef Octopus

My most recent adventure was a three week dive trip to the Solomon Islands and Fiji beginning the 29th of July. We went in search of Orca's, (read why) and although we did not find find any the trip provided me with a wealth of "once in a lifetime" opportunities.

We flew into Nadi and stayed at Seashell Cove in Mombi Bay, Fiji for three days diving. There were great coral walls and lots of fish. I saw a bumpheaded bannerfish for the very first time. We dove a deep fast swim through which started @ 88' came out @ 153'. As it exited the reef it widened into a beautiful arch and there was a big nursie sleeping there right next to a sea fan that had to be every bit of five feet in diameter. The current on that dive was so strong that I couldn't swim from the back of the boat to the front, they had to string a tag line. I imagine we looked like flags flying in the breeze as we pulled ourselves down the anchor line hand over hand. ( Read more about my Solomon Islands trip.)

In July of 1996 Canidlover and I went to CoCoView in Roaty´n. We think that this place is Paradise, and this was our third trip in as many years. Andr*a did her first night snorkel this summer and saw her first octopus in the wild! Learn more about things to see and do atCoCoView.

I traveled to Belize, CA and did the Blue Hole thing in April of 1996. We went out on the Manta 4, which departed from the Belize Yacht Club docks just "across the street" from The Hideaway Sports Lodge where we stayed.

Formore diving adventures with Mr. Scuba!

One of my

other interests - computers and problem-solving.

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Life's a beach - then you dive.
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