Mr Sinistero's Profile and Info page

I thought I'd do this page to make it easier for people to get to know me instead of me having to type everything out like happens a lot.

I live in Tamworth Australia, its a piece of terd hole that is the Country Music Capital of Australia and they have the country music festival in January and the population doubles when almost every redneck and hilly billy yocal decides that they will come to the festival and it is impossible to do anything at all when they are here.

I am 16 years old and I dont have my L's yet cause I'm a lazy bastard and I couldnt be bothered going all of 2 kms to the RTA to get them.

I think that my best friend in the world (or at least on of my best friends) is Elisha, she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I'd do anything for her including calling her on the phone! We met on the net and she added me to yahoo messenger cause she thought my name sounded cool funny how things work hey.

I am a wrestling nut, I like almost any wrestling in the world but I like Japanese wrestling the best espicially AJPW. Misawa kicks ass!

RIP Gary Albright, the best big man ever!

I dunno what else to put so I'll just stop typing and that will be that.

If you wanna talk to me more then contact me either by email, Yahoo Messenger, my username is Mr_Sinistero, ICQ-40902981 or almost anywhere else my username is Mr_Sinistero or Mr Sinistero (note the underscore) except for hotmail cause some Spanish Jackass got it cause Sinistero is his last name or some shit and he wont give it to me and that is that.

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