30/10/2000 vol.1

I intend to update this site on the 10th of December so keep in touch!!! You will be Excited!!!
The Awakening is designed to inform the youth of Australia on up to date events and happenings in the city of Sydney.


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There was nothing and suddenly there was life! Contents is very explicit so please be very carefull.
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Whatz Up?

Well I'd like to introduce everyone to this first publication of "The Awakening". What brought me to create this intense sight is the growing uneducated youth of Australia. Yes this does sound very complex, however there is a simple way of educating the uneducated. This is through Awakening their brains to the wildest, upto date happenings and goings on in Sydney, Australia.

If you need a real eye opener this week try the night life down at oxford st. Yes this place is the heavenly Utopia that all chat about, with clubs like NV, DCMs, etc.. My tip for this week is Saturday nights down at NV....yes!....who could possibly beat the hard house from Captain Kirk. The Setup here is supreme with green lazers jumping around either side of the dance floor. SEE YA THERE!! *****

Say What?

It all started with...hhmmmmmmmm.....lets see.......I cant remember.....oh well!

What I hear you complaining that your too fat.........well I say that your due for the gym. My suggestion is that you go down to your local university Gym and join up for the year. The rates at these gyms are much more affordable than many of the private gyms around the sydney area. I think the joining fees are around $250 for the year with unlimited access. "This goes for all you nasty chicks on the dance floor too"

Back Chat!

Oh.....@#$%! it

The resulting effects of university combined with intense sleep deprivation and exessive work habbits are taking their toll on many University students in sydney...if you want my advise I say !@#$ it! Yep thats right........take it easy all you freaks...I'd like to hear all your opinions about how university @#$%'s up your life.

Here's another tip for all you thinking about blowing your head off with a double-barelled shotgun......put the gun down take three deep breaths then punch yourself in the head. This should work! I think. If not oh well .......See ya later! in the next edition of the