Here are My Favorite Big Shots and miscellaneous scenes from random issues of ToyFare.

"Cy-Gor & The Banannas in Pajamas"

"Storm Troopers"

"Thor & Batman"

"Conan & Hulk"

"Electro-Shock Spider-man & Spider-man"

"Spider-man & Jawas"

"Captain America, Thor, & some Izes"

"Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader, Emporer Palpatine"


"Gene Simmons & Conan"

"Grand Moff Tarkin & Emporer Palpatine"

"R2-D2's & C-3PO's"

"Scotty & Yak-Face"

"Baron Zemo"

"Blob, Raza, & Gorgon"

"Wolverine and Wolfsbane"

"KISS Concert gone wrong"

"Thor & Loki"


"Q & Capt. Picard"

"Mr T. Hulk and Spider-Man"

"Batman Robin & the Mad Hatter"



"Goddess & Ironman"

"R2-D2 Jawas & Tuskin Raider"

"Luke Skywalker"

"Soundwave, Megatron, & Cliffjumper(yellow)"

"Captain America & Baron Zemo"

"Peter Parker & Chameleon"

"Colosus, Nira X, & Cyclops"

"Barkly, Tasha Yar, & Picard"

"Wendego & Hulk"

"Spock, Kirk, & McCoy"

"Robin & Teen Titans"

"Superman & Batman"

"Deamon & Izes"

"Venom & Spiderman"

"Pike & Xavier"


NOTE: There are about 4 panels between the 3rd and 4th pages missing. This is due to the fact that my issue had pages repeated, and so I am missing those scenes, but it still reads well the way it is, so enjoy.

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"page 7" "page 8" "page 9" "page 10" "page 11" "page 12" "page 13"