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New Vampire Revised 6 page Sheet with Revised Logo VampRev6_pagev2.pdf


6 Page Assamite Sorcerer VampRev6-page_Assamite_Sorcererv2.pdf
6 Page Assamite Vizier VampRev6-page_Assamite_Vizierv2.pdf
6 Page Assamite Warrior VampRev6-page_Assamite_Warriorv2.pdf
6 Page Brujah VampRev6-page_Brujahv2.pdf
6 Page Followers of Set VampRev6-page_FoSv2.pdf
6 Page Gangrel VampRev6-page_Gangrelv2.pdf
6 Page Giovanni VampRev6-page_Giovanniv2.pdf
6 Page Lasombra VampRev6-page_Lasombrav2.pdf
6 Page Malkavian VampRev6-page_Malkavianv2.pdf
6 Page Nosferatu VampRev6-page_Nosferatuv2.pdf
6 Page Ranvos VampRev6-page_Ravnosv2.pdf
6 Page Toreador VampRev6-page_Toreadorv2.pdf
6 Page Tremere VampRev6-page_Tremerev2.pdf
6 Page Tzimisce VampRev6-page_Tzimiscev2.pdf
6 Page Ventrue VampRev6-page_Ventruev2.pdf


6 Page Dirty Secrets of The Black Hand VampRev6-page_DSotBH.pdf

6 Page Gehenna with logos Gehenna6-page.pdf
6 Page Gehenna without logos Gehenna6-pagev2.pdf
Gehenna Combo Discipline Sheet(with logo) GehennaComboDisciplineSheet.pdf
Gehenna Combo Discipline Sheet(without logo) GehennaComboDisciplineSheetv2.pdf
Gehenna Expanded Discipline Sheet level 5(with Logo) GehennaExpandedDiscipline_Level5.pdf
Gehenna Expanded Discipline Sheet level 5(without Logo) GehennaExpandedDiscipline_Level5_v2.pdf
Gehenna Expanded Discipline Sheet level 8(with Logo) GehennaExpandedDiscipline_Level8.pdf
Gehenna Expanded Discipline Sheet level 8(without Logo) GehennaExpandedDiscipline_Level8_v2.pdf
Gehenna Notes Sheet level (with Logo) GehennaNotesSheet.pdf
Gehenna Notes Sheet level (without Logo) GehennaNotesSheetv2.pdf

6 page Victorian Age sheet VictorianVampire6-page.pdf
Victorian Age Combo Discipline sheet VaVComboDisciplineSheet.pdf
Victorian Age Expanded Discipline Sheet(Level 5) VaVExpandedDisciplineSheet_Level5.pdf
Victorian Age Expanded Discipline Sheet(Level 8) VaVExpandedDisciplineSheet_Level8.pdf
Victorian Age Notes Sheet VaVNotesSheet.pdf

The Clans:

Assamite Sorcerer VictorianVampire6-page_Assamite_Sorcerer.pdf
Assamite Vizier VictorianVampire6-page_Assamite_Vizier.pdf
Assamite Warrior VictorianVampire6-page_Assamite_Warrior.pdf
Brujah VictorianVampire6-page_Brujah.pdf
Followers of Set VictorianVampire6-page_FoS.pdf
Gangrel VictorianVampire6-page_Gangrel.pdf
Giovanni VictorianVampire6-page_Giovanni.pdf
Lasombra VictorianVampire6-page_Lasombra.pdf
Malkavian VictorianVampire6-page_Malkavian.pdf
Nosferatu VictorianVampire6-page_Nosferatu.pdf
Ranvos VictorianVampire6-page_Ravnos.pdf
Toreador VictorianVampire6-page_Toreador.pdf
Tremere VictorianVampire6-page_Tremere.pdf
Tzimisce VictorianVampire6-page_Tzimisce.pdf
Ventrue VictorianVampire6-page_Ventrue.pdf

The Bloodlines:

6 Page Caitiff VictorianVampire6-page_Caitiff.pdf
6 Page Daughters of Cacophony VictorianVampire6-page_DoC.pdf
6 Page Gargoyles VictorianVampire6-page_Gargoyles_.pdf
6 Page Kiasyd VictorianVampire6-page_Kiasyd.pdf
6 Page Salubri VictorianVampire6-page_Salubri.pdf
6 Page Samedi VictorianVampire6-page_Samedi.pdf

6 page Kindred of the East Sheet KotE6-Page.pdf
Nushi Sheet for Kindred of the East KotE_Nushi.pdf


Akashic Brotherhood MageRev_Akashic.pdf
Celestial Chorus MageRev_Celestial_Chorus.pdf
Cult of Ecstacy MageRev_CultofX.pdf
Dreamspeakers MageRev_Dreamspeakers.pdf
Euthanatos MageRev_Euthanatos.pdf
Hollow Ones MageRev_HollowOnes.pdf
Order Of Hermes MageRev_OrderOfHermes.pdf
Sons Of Ether MageRev_SonsOfEther.pdf
Verbena MageRev_Verbena.pdf
Virtual Adepts MageRev_Virtual_Adepts.pdf

Extras for Mage:

Visitation Font for Mage sheets
2 page Sorcerer(Revised) Sheet Sorcerer_Revised.pdf

4 Page Ajaba Sheet(Zip File has font inculded to view properly)

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