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Pic. 1: Two Hazmat-Workers in Trellchem TS Suits. Pic. 2: Viking Drysuit Diver w. Kirby-Morgan Mask
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I'M BACK!!!!!

Well - It's almost 2 years since I last updated this web-site - but now I'm back in business again, so you can sure expect many more updates in the near future. In the last 2 years, I have been very active in collection pictures an other stuff about hazmat and diving suits.

I have updated the The Viking Drysuit Gallery whit 7 new pictures, so there is 48 nice pictures in the Girls Gallery by know.

There is also a new wallpaper ready for your use.

For complete list of changes, see the Logbook.

Guest Page On the Guest Page you can see pictures send to me from visitors who had been so kind to share their pictures with us all. All pictures will we available on the page in minimum 1 month, after that month new pictures will come up. You can of course send me pictures, which you don't want other to see, just write it in the letter together with the picture. On the page you can also Sign or View my new guestbook.

The old guestbook can be viewed here: View my old guestbook

Link to other WEB-Sites One of the most important part of any WEB is maybe links to other pages, therefor my WEB also got a link page. You are very welcome to add a link to my page from yours, and I will place a link to yours in return. Maybe some of the links is 'dead', I check them every update, but things sometimes goes fast on the internet, so if you find a dead link, please tell me, and I will update it.
Result from the first Survey Finally the survey ended, and the result can be found on the former Survey 1 pages. I'm working on a new survey for one of the next updated. You can still subscribe to info when this pages is updated or send a note to Mr. Hazard from the page.
Mail to Mr. Hazard If you got any question, or just want to 'talk' about your common interest in collecting Protective suits and equipment you are very welcome to E-mail me.
Why Do I Collect PPE Why I collect Protective suits or equipment, that's a really great question, I don't know either, but I think it the mystic with that kind of stuff, only used by a limited number of persons in special and sometime very dangerous situations.
Disclaimer I'm not responsible for any of the information given on these pages is right or wrong, all of it is my personnel opinion. I'm not representing any company or organization. Remember that protective suits and mask is only safe to use by people trained for wearing that kind of equipment.

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