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Mr. Lemon's CD-R Trade

I'm looking for Beatles (+ solo), Pink Floyd, Kinks, Rolling Stones (pre-'77), CCR / John Fogerty, Jeff Buckley, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Steive Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, Police, Pet Shop Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Queen etc..

I'm located in DENMARK - I'll trade with people all over the world :-)

My trading rules are as simple as they can get: Be honest, use DAO, use quality brand name media like Kodak, Verbatim, Sony, TDK etc. (I always use Kodak ULTIMA - I WILL NOT ACCEPT THOSE CHEAP, VERY BREAKABLE NO NAME DISCS!), no Mp3 or tape sourced discs (but certainly mp3 CD-ROMs), no 2:1 (sorry, newbies, I don't have the time), shipping without jewel cases.
I do not really care for artwork, i'm in it for the music, tracklists will be fine.

Wanna set up a trade..?!? Mail me!

Quality rated from A++ to C
(A++ is the sound quality you will expect from a commercial release)

The Winner Takes It All - 21 Ultra Rare Trax (SBD A+)

Abbey Road Video Show Remastered (soundtrack of the 1983 show) (A+)
Alternate Revolver (outtakes from the Revolver-era) (A+)
Another Sessions...Plus (John Barrett’s cassette dubs) (A++)
Arrive Without Aging (Various outtakes) (A+ to A-)
Artifacts 1, vol. I: The Early Years 1958-63 (A+ to A-)
Artifacts 1, vol. II: Beatlemania 1964-65 (A++ to A)
Artifacts 1, vol. III: Psychedelic Years 1966-67 (A++ to A)
Artifacts 1, vol. IV: Inner Revolution 1968 (A++ to A-)
Artifacts 1, vol. V: Get Back To Abbey Road 1969-70 (A++ to A)
Artifacts 2, vol. I: Youngblood 1960-63
Artifacts 2, vol. II: Ticket To Ride 1964-65
Artifacts 2, vol. III: Northern Songs 1966-67
Artifacts 2, vol. IV: Alone Together 1968
Artifacts 2, vol. V: The Longest Road 1969
As Nature Intended
Attack of the filler Beebs vol. 1 (Add-on to the Great Dane Box set) (A+ to A-)
Attack of the filler Beebs vol. 2 (Add-on to the Great Dane Box set) (A+ to A-)
Attack of the filler Beebs vol. 3 (Add-on to the Great Dane Box set) (A+ to A-)
Attack of the filler Beebs vol. 4 (Add-on to the Great Dane Box set) (A++ to A-)
BBC 20th Anniversary Broadcast 1982 (3-CD)
Come Together – Beatles In The 90’s (A+ to A-)
Complete BBC 2001 Upgrade (10 discs + CDROM)
Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts (2-CD)
Control Room Monitor Mixes (Various outtakes taken from monitor sources) (A)
Day By Day Series vol. 1 (2-CD) (Complete Get Back sessions) (A+)
Day By Day Series vol. 2 (2-CD) (A+)
Day By Day Series vol. 18 (2-CD) (A+)
Day By Day Series vol. 19 (2-CD) (A+)
Day By Day Series vol. 20 (2-CD) (A+)
Day By Day Series vol. 21 (2-CD) (A+)
Down In Havana (I Will and Hey Jude sessions) (A+)
From Kinfauns To Chaos (2 CD) (Esher demos + Revolution marathon jam) (A+ to A)
Garage Tapes (Alf Bicknel tape sold by auction) (B)
Get Back Journals I (8-CD)(Essential Get Back rehearsals) (A+ to A)
Get Back with Let It Be and 22 Other Songs (Glyn Johns’ second compliation) (A+)
Gone Tomorrow Here Today (Blackbird sessions) (A++)
Help! (2-CD) (Stereo mix, mono mix, alternates, outtakes) (A+)
It's Not Too Bad (Evolution of Strawberry Fields Forever) (Studio:A++; demo: A-)
Let It Be Sessions (compilation including only the most interesting moments of the Get Back Sessions) (A)
Live In Japan (Superb sound quality - loose performance) (SBD A+)
Live On British Radio Vol. IV (BBC Broadcasts 10/07/63 – 16/07/63) (A+)
Live Palais des Sports, France, June 20.1965 (SBD A)
Lost T.V. and Radio Luxemburg Broadcasts (mostly interviews, a few rare song performances) (FM A to B)
Lost T.V. and Radio Luxemburg Broadcasts vol. 2
March 5, 1963 Plus The Decca Tape (Vigotone) (A+)
Maybe You Can Drive My Car (Alf Bicknell garage tape) (B)
More Sweet Apples 1967-70 (More outtakes) (A+)
Mythology I (3-CD)(John Barrett dubs and BBC) (A++ to A-)
Mythology III (4-CD)(John Barrett dubs and BBC) (A++ to A-)
No. 3 Abbey Road N.W. 8 (McCartney/Donovan jam + Abbey Road outtakes) (A+ to A) Excellent!
Nothing Is Real (More evolution of Strawberry Fields Forever) (Studio:A++; demo: A-)
Puttin' on the Style (collection of pre-Breatles recordings)
Revolution (collection of home demos 1963-67)
Sea Of Green (Soundtrack versions from Help! & Yellow Submarine) (A+)
Sessions (Sessions + bonus, including Step Inside Love home demo) (A++)
Sgt. Pepper Trance Remix (A++)
Shea! / Candlestick Park (The biggest and the last live gig) (SBD A to A-)
Sink In The Can (Oh! Darling vocal warmups 1969 + Ringo/Cat Stevens jam 1976) (A+ to A-)
Songs the Beatles Gave Away (The songs they never recorded, performed by other artists) (A+)
Soul Sessions (Rubber Soul era outtakes)
Studio 2 sessions at Abbey Road vol. 1 (A++)
Studio 2 sessions at Abbey Road vol. 2 (A++)
Studio 2 sessions at Abbey Road vol. 3 (A++)
Studio 2 sessions at Abbey Road vol. 4 (A++)
The Beatles Conquer America (Early american interviews)
The Beatles with Jimmy Nicol (Denmark, Netherlands and Australia 1964) (SBD/AUD A- to B)
The Complete 2CD Rooftop Concert (2-CD) (Rooftop concert from all 4 cameras) (A+ to A)
The Complete Christmas Collection (Fan Club flexi discs 1963-69) (SBD A+)
The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows (A+)
The Lost Pepperland Reel (Spank) (A++)
The Peter Sellers Tape (White Album early mono mixes) (A++)
The Road To Fame (Sheridan sessions + complete Decca audition tape) (A++)
The Sweetest Apples 1966-69 (Various outtakes) (A+)
Thirty Days (17-CD) (excellent quality Get Back sessions)
Turn Me On, Dead Man - The John Barrett Tapes plus (2-CD) RECOMMENDED! (A++)
Unplugged (Complete Kinfauns Demos 1968) (A)
Upgraded Collection – highlights (upgrades of various outtakes)
Vinyl To The Core vol. 1 - 3 (Rare and hard-to-find tracks taken from vinyl sources)
What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party (All versions of WTNMJ) (A+ to A)
Wildcat! (2-CD) (PRE-Beatles rehearsing and jamming at McCartney’s house 1960) (B)

Anthology II promo CD-ROM
George Harrison (all Harrison solo releases on 1 CD in mp3)
Lost Lennon Tapes mp3 vol. 1-8
Lost Lennon Tapes mp3 vol. 9- 16
Lost Lennon Tapes mp3 vol. 17-22
Real Anthology (2-CDROM) (The 8 video episodes,Compleat Bealtes, Making of A Hard Day's Night)
Real Movies (A.H.D.N., Help!, M.M.T., Let It Be and Live At Shea! in Real Video format)
The Beatles At Apple (complete jan. 1969 Get Back sessions at Apple in mp3)
The Beatles At Twickenham (complete jan. 1969 Twickenham rehearsals in mp3)
The Complete BBC sessions (all available BBC recordings in mp3)
The Ultimate Experience (9-CDROM) (all available outtakes 1962-70 in mp3 - html interface doesn't work)
Thirty Days (the 17-CD Get Back-sessions collection on 1 CD-ROM)
Yellow Submarine Press Kit
Younger Than Today (A mp3-collection of early material 1958-63)

Live at CBGB's
Sessions (various studio and radio performances) (SBD A+ to A-)
Knitting Factory February 4, 1997 + Sketches Outtakes
Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 30-6-95 (SBD A+)
Meltdown Festival, London, 1-7-95
Mercury Lounge, N.Y., 31-12-95 (A+)
Ultra Rare trax vol. 1

Casino Club, Montreaux 7-10-86 (SBD A+) (2-CD)
Royal Albert Hall, London 18-1-90 (DSBD A++) (2-CD)

The Early Years 1959-1967 - rarities & early demos (SBD A)
Fantasy Sessions 30/1/70 (jam session with Booker T. Jones) (SBD A-)
High Tide - Johnny Cash Show 1968, Fillmore West 4/7/68, Woodstock 16/8/69 (SBD A to A-)
Fillmore East + West - NYC + San. Fran. '69
Oakland Colliseum 31/1/70 (SBD A+)
Crackin' Up - Royal Albert Hall, London, 14-4-70 (SBD A-)
Last Exit - Fillmore West 4/7/71

Perfect Investigation, Wembley Arena London, 18-6-86 (SBD A+)

Missing Links (studio outtakes) (SBD A to A-)
The Lost Paris Tapes (Morrison poetry sessions) (SBD A+)
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden 20-9-68 (2-CD) both shows (SBD A+)
Hollywood Bowl, L.A. 5-7-68 (SBD A+)
Live In Dallas, Texas 9-7-68 (SBD A+)
Detroit 1968 (2CD) (SBD A+)
Celebration (TV shows - Ed Sullivan & others 1967-68) 49 mins. (SBD A)
Four Closed Doors - Live In Copenhagen, September 1968 + filler (SBD A to A-)
Palace of Exile - Isle of Wight Festival 31-8-70 (SBD A+)
Full Circle (outtakes? - studio 1971, without Jim) 41 min. (SBD A+)
Jim's Alive - The Ultimate Seattle Tapes, Seattle 5-6-70 (SBD A+)

Ultra Rare Trax (unreleased “Hoodoo”-album + other rarities) (A+ to A-)
Rarities (various rare songs) (A)
It's Rock N' Roll (live Sweden and Denmark 1997) (SBD A+)
Roskilde Festival, Denmark, June 1997 (SBD A+)
Pittsburgh, 15-7-97 (2-CD) (EXCL. AUD A) short gaps between tracks
Pittsburgh, 19-6-98 (2-CD) (EXCL. AUD A) short gaps between tracks

Live in Washington 17/7/1992 (2 CD) (SBD A+)

Songs For Patti (All Things Must Pass acoustic outtakes) (SBD A+)
Beware Of ABCKO (All Things Must Pass outtakes) (SBD A+)
Through All Those Years (various outtakes and performances)
A True Legend (various studio outtakes) (A+)

Are You Experienced The Sessions Vol 1 (A+)
Are You Experienced The Sessions Vol 2 (A+)
De Lane Lea Demos & Olympic Outtakes (A)
Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead (with Jim Morrison, live NYC ´68) (A)
Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsies (Rehersals at Juggy Studios, dec. 1969) (SBD A)
Jimi's Apartment NYC (april 1968) (A)
Studio Haze (various outtakes) (A+)
Unsurpassed Studio Takes (outtakes) (A+)
Voodoo Blues (Electric Ladyland outtakes + Hells-sessions + demos) (A+ to A)
The Official Bootleg Album (Yellow Dog Records) (SBD A)
Best Of Bootlegs (aborted WB release of studio outtakes) (SBD A+)
Live at Konserthuset (2-CD), Stockholm, Sweden January 9 1969

1968 Nick Drake Sessions / The Best Of DJM Demos (studio outtakes) (A)
First Visit - 1971 World Tour (2-CD) (SBD A+)
BBC 1973 (BBC Broadcast 22-12-73) (SBD A+)
Royal Festival Hall - London, ENG. 18-5-74 (SBD A+)
Madison Square Garden - NY, 28-11-74 (SBD A+), with John Lennon
Rainbow Rock - Rainbow Theatre London, 1977 (2-CD) (just Elton and his piano - excellent show) (SBD A+)
Poplar Creek - Chicago, IL. 1995 (2-CD) (SBD A+)
Face To Face (2-CD) (with Billy Joel, live in Japan 1998) (SBD A+)

Live At The BBC 1964-67 (SBD A to A-)
Kinks at the Fillmore (Fillmore West, Nov. 27-30, 1969)
Kinks Kaught at Kristmas (Rainbow Theatre, London, Dec. 24, 1977)
Live In London 27-7-74 (SBD A)

Live In Forum, Copenhagen 11-6-96 (2-CD) (SBD A+)

Acoustic, may 1993 (SBD A+)

1980 Interview (4-CD)
A Toot And A Snore In '74 (John & Paul reunion jam session 1974) (A+)
Free As A Bird – The Dakota Beatle Demos (A to B)
Imagine...All The Outtakes (3-CD) (all available outtakes from Imagine sessions) (A+ to A-)
Imagine Quadrophonic Mix (the 4 track quad master mixed into stereo) (A+)

Studio Haze (2 CD) (Studio outtakes 1968-73) (A+ to A-)
Stairway Sessions (rehearsals Headley Grange ´71 and Bron-Yr-Aur ´70)
The Acoustic Sessions at Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage (Studio outtakes 1970-72) (A)
Midnight Rehearsals (1978?) (SBD A)
Plays Pure Blues - TIPF Dallas Motor Speedway Dallas, Texas, 1969 (SBD A)
Kicks, Danmark, 14-3-69 (SBD A) 22 min.
Ultimate Mudslide - Vancouver 21-3-70 + Houston 29-3-70 (SBD A)
Dallas,Texas 4-3-75 (SBD A+)
Trampled Underfoot, 4-3-75 (2CD) (SBD A+)
Where The Zeppelin Roam (2-CD) (live unknown location) (SBD A+)
Knebworth 11-8-79 (3-CD)
Berlin 7-7-80 (Last Ever Gig) (2-CD)
Manheim 3-7-80 (2-CD)
Silver Coated Rails, Earls Court 75, New York 77, Zurich 80

Tug Of War release interview (40 min)
Unsurpassed Masters vol. II (various outtakes) (SBD A+)

The Record Plant, CA 2-12-73 (SBD A++)

Covering ‘Em(selves) (various covers and rare live trax pre-´93) (SBD A to A-)
5 Musketeers (Ten-outtakes and the Doors R&R Hall Of Fame induction show) (SBD A)

Total Eclipse (4-CD) (the ULTIMATE collection of alternate versions, outtakes and rare songs) (A++ to A-)
Z-Point and Beyond (Various rare songs, promo cuts and outtakes) (A++)
Unmissable Tracks (1966-82)(Various alternates, demos and outtakes)
Meddle Trance Remixes (A++)
Dark Side Of the Moon Trance Remixes (A++)
Animals Trance Remixes (A++)
Complete TOP GEAR Sessions (67/69) (2-CD)
Starclub Pycho, Star Club, Copenhagen, 13-9-67
Stranger Than Fiction (Various european locations from Feb. '68 to 15-11-72)
Beset By Creatures of the Deep, University of Southampton, UK, may-sep 1969 (AUD A-)
Amsterdam 1969 (Azimuth Coordinator show) (SBD A)
The Man & The Journey (VPRO FM rebroadcast) Concertgebow, Amsterdam 17-9-69
Violence in Birmingham (2-CD) Town Hall, Birmingham, England 11-2-70 + Lund, Sweden 20-3-70; Berlin, 13-3-70
A Trick Of The Light, Audimax, Hamburg 12-3-70
Black Glass (2-CD) (live Fillmore West 29-4-70 + outtakes) (SBD A-)
Libest Spacement Monitor, Playhouse Theatre, London 16-9-70 (SBD A+) Excellent!
Atom mother heart goes on the road (2-CD) BBC Broadcasts 16-9-70 + 30-9-71
Falkoner Teatret, Denmark, 25-9-71 (AUD A)
Meddler (ultra rare STEREO version!) 30-9-71 (SBD A+)
The Last BBC Session 1971 (sep 30, 1971, BBC Paris Cinema, London) (SBD A+ to A) Excellent!
Pompeii + Darkside Sessions (Pompeii, Italy, 4-9-71) Ripoff from laserdisc, complete soundtrack (SBD A+)
Cold Front 13-2-72(?)
Dark Side Of The Sky, Rainbow Theatre, London, 20-2-72 / Paris Theatre, 16-9-70 (AUD A)
London 1972 (20-2-72, Rainbow Theatre, London, DSOTM Premier) (AUD A ; mp3 sourced)
The best of tour 72, Rainbow Theatre, London, 20-2-72 (best source) (AUD A)
The Great Gig on the Moon - Sapporo, Japan 12-3-72
Dreams Factory (best of 1972-tour) (SBD? A)
Childhood's End, USA 6/7/8-3-73 (2-CD)
Echoes From Osaka (2-CD) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, 9-3-72
Supine In The Sunshine, Earls Court, London 19-5-73 (2-CD)
If You Were A Bluebird, Earls Court, London 19-5-73
Vaulting Ambitions, Tampa Stadium, Florida, 29-6-73 (2-CD)
Set The Controls, Stadthalle, Wien, Austria 13-10-73 (2-CD)
Live For A Friend (benefit for Robert Wyatt) 5-11-73
Random Precision, Long Island, 16-6-74 (2-CD)
Colmar (Harvested) 22-6-74 + 15-11-75
Brain Damage (Wembley Empire Pool, 16-11-74) (SBD A+) Excellent!
Dark Night In Atlanta - London, 16-11-74 (SBD A+)
Dogs and Sheeps - Los Angeles, CA. 4/26/75 (2-CD)
Echoes in the Garden - Boston Gardens 18-6-75 (3-CD)
Animals Over Cleveland - Cleveland '77 (2-CD)
Dark Side Of The Pig, Berlin, 29-1-77, Vienna 1-2-77
Rotterdam, 17-02-1977 (2-CD) (AUD B)
Animals Over Europe - Live In Antwerpen 20.02.1977 (2-CD)
Dragged Down By The Stone, Paris, 22-2-77 (2-CD) (AUD A-) 1st track "Sheep" is missing
Fort Worth '77 (2-CD) Fort Worth, Texas, 1-5-77
In The Flesh - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. 9-5-77 (2-CD)
Animal Instincts 9-5-77 (2-CD)
Boston Gardens 27-6-77 (2-CD)
Welcome to the Machine, MSG, New York, 2-7-77 (AUD A) Excellent!
MSG, New York, 2/7/77 - complete concert, same source as above, not processed, no edits and NoNoise (AUD A to A-)
MSG, New York, 4/7/77 (AUD A-)
Fireworks Show in the Canadian Walls, Montreal, Canada 6-7-77 (2-CD)
The Wall - Under Construction (2-CD) (SBD A) (The Wall demos from 1978 - rare!)
Brick By Brick (3-CD) (Rehearsals Paramount Studios 1-2-80 & live Nassau C. 28-2-80) (SBD A to A-)
The Film (The complete Wall soundtrack dubbed from DVD) (A++)

The Lost BBC Studio Tapes 1978-1979 (SBD A+ to A)
Zellerbach Hall, CA, 4-3-79 (SBD A++)
Ghost In The Studio (Ghost In The Machine outtakes) (A to A-)
Houston 1982 (2-CD) (Ghost In The Machine tour 1982) (SBD A+)

The Ultimate Queen Back Catalogue (a collection of rarities 1969-85) (A+ to A-)
Sound Checks + bonus tracks (SBD? B)

Unplugged and Unreleased (Studio) (SBD A)

Black Box (3-CD) (a box set of outtakes 1964-70)
At The BEEB (2-CD) (complete BBC performances 1963-65)
Brian Jones Memorial Album (BBC and outtakes 1963-65) (A++) EXCELLENT compliation
Have You Heard the Outtakes, Baby... (Studio outtakes 1965-66) (A)
Acoustic Motherf**kers (Acoustic studio outtakes 1967-70) (A+)
Unplugged (acoustic outtakes, almost identical to Ac. Motherf.) (A+)
Conquer America (New York, Ed Sullivan show 1964-67) (A+)
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7 (various studio outtakes 1967-70) (A+ to A-)
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 10 (various studio outtakes 1969-72) (A+ to A-)
Acetates (alternate mixes 1970-73) (A)
Unreleased 1972 Decca Live Album (SBD A+)
Brussels Affair, live Bruxelles, Belgium, 17-10-73 (SBD A+)
Ear Candy (true STEREO of Aftermath & Between The Buttons)

NCRV TV Broadcast 1966 (SBD A-) (A 24 min. short but EXCELLENT show)
Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, 23-8-68 (SBD A)
Live Miami University, OH, 11-11-69 (SBD A+)

Stingchronicity (4-CD) (A collection of rarities)
Last Session (with Gill Evans) Perugia Jazz Festival, Italy 1986, (SBD A)
They dance alone, Milano, Italy 21-4-88 (SB A+)
Los Angeles, Ca 1999 (2-CD)

Texas Style (studio jam session with Albert King, LA 1983) (A-)
Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1 (studio outtakes) (A)
Unsurpassed Masters Volume 2 (Touch The Sky-sessions) (A to A-)
Unplugged And Jammin' (MTV Unplugged and other performances) (SBD A to A-)

Goodbye, Mr. Pink Floyd, 07-11-87, Quebec, Canada (SBD A+)

With Wonder Love (Rainbow Theatre, London, 2/24/1974) (SBD A+)


Deruda' - historien om Gasolin' 4-CD (radiodokumentar med masser af sjældne numre)
Harry The Loverman (sjældne radio og TV-optagelser fra perioden 1970-73)
The Last Jim (engelsksproget LP fra '74, aldrig udgivet på CD)
Gorilla Galla (Gasolin'-reunion 1982)

Sylvesters Jukebox Demoer 1975
Endelig Jul - Kim Larsens Juleshow 1981-82
Live i Cirkusbygningen 15/4/1984
Skagen Festival 1/7/1984
Live I Tivoli sept. 1986

I will do regular updates to this site as I recieve new CD's - so keep in touch!

Wanna set up a trade?!? Mail me!