Mr Luke... Most Famous Chef in Cinema History

It all started two summertimes ago, when Mr Luke, while resting on a bus stop bench in Los Angeles, was approached by a representative from the Kazarian, Spencer & Assoc. famous talent agency, who also represent among many others the popular Joanne "JoJo" Liebling former of HomeTime now Room By Room.

Mr Luke, You Are Smokin'!!! -J. Liebler

"Hello, sir," said the agent to Mr Luke. "Your face has much character. Would you like to appear in a major motion picture to-day?" With that the agent handed Mr Luke his business card and instructions to report to Central Casting.

It was there thatMr Luke found himself inundated with offers major studios to play a wide variety of roles, some are shown on this page. However, ma'am or sir, it is not the acting bug that has injected Mr Luke, but the cooking bug! So after a short while he cast away his SAG card and returned to the balmy dining rooms of ... Mr Luke Restaurant.

War is Hell!


Mr Luke in all-star casting of "3,000 Li to Graceland"!

Watch Out, Mister Harry Potsticker... Mr Luke is screen magic!

He is Floating Like a Butterfly, and Stinging Like a Bee!

Behold ... Mr Luke!

lukgesha.gif (9739 bytes)

A challenging dual role!


He was ahead of his time.


titanic.jpg (12944 bytes)

What a movie! What a leading man!

Boo hoo hoo, someone drop the map in the crick!


And Also, Many Celebrities Are Knowing Mr Luke!

Fresh Fish, anyone? Abe Vigoda eats many Chinese meals and also collects T'ang dynasty artworks!


"I'm a fat little man, Mama!" ....and a devil, too, Mr Borgnine! We enjoy Tovah's husband work very much, and he is a good tipper, as well!


Oh look! It is Mr Alan Alda, who play "Hawkseye Pierce" on the MASH TV Show and often star in Woodrow Allen films, here visiting Mr Luke and former employee Carboy Fung! Who was "let go" after harassment of Missy Chang! Thank you for you kind words Mr Alda!



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