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You Know!


"The hell with the rest---'cause we're from Sheboygan!"

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The Hieptas Family

--proprietors of--

"Mr. H's World of Curling"

located on County Trunk OO, just behind the "Thousand Year Rink" Regional Iceplex Sportataurium

Scenes From God's Country...

Dad and friend, Eric P. Shea, with real big Muskie somewhere near Suring.

Dad with another lunker. That he pulled right through the ice on Lake Chemaguonaska!

STEVEAGAIN.JPG (10760 bytes)

Regulars enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon in the Cocktail Lounge at the Thousand Year Rink.

Young Joe coming in first (way to go, Joe!!!) at the 2nd Ann. Mosinee Snowmobile Open. On his favorite 'sno-go-bile', the swift and merciless "Double Lightning."

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