I'm the Real Mr. Maryland

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Hi, during golf camp my instructor Mike (that siilly goose) nicknamed me Mr. Maryland.  I always wanted a web site telling about my life but my cousin said that if I used my real name on here pedophiles would come rape me.  Now that I'm named Mr. Maryland, however, you can know everything about me! Wheehee!

My name is Randy, I'm 8 years old and have a mom and a dad.  I have suppressed cross-gender fantasies often and have been diagnosed as an advanced shizophrenic.  So how are you?

I have a friend named Blake and two sisters in a Sailor Moon cult.  They sacrifice small mammals and have masked lesbian orgies deep in the woods, which is their secret place.  I'm scared.....  click for more....


Ok listen guys, I'm getting married! Here's my announcement page with everything you need to know.  So maybe I can't be everyone's bitch anymore, but let me tell you that there is enough of me for everyone, so you can still send your pics.

I don't have e-mail as of yet, but you can IM me as pokegoose on AOL or you can find me on Napster as redskinsrock.  IF there are any guys out there, you can send your pics to AngelBlue15@juno.com, which is my sister. Just be sure to name them coded because my mom checks my e-mail alot and I would be in deep shit if you sent your pic to me and she saw it. By the way, if you're less than 8 1/2 inches forget about it.

Coming soon: kinky pics of me, my official theme song and .wavs of me being me!

I'm throwing a 24/7 party! Come on down!

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