I just came back to my poetry website after a 9 year absence.
I am putting new poetry up and will be changing some things around.
Please read some poetry and leave a few comments on them and the website.
Hope you enjoy.



Please Choose a Poem

  • Dirty Angel*new*
  • Blamed
  • One Voice*new*
  • Ballad of Yoin
  • Ashes, Ashes
  • Alone
  • Ashes
  • Sometimes It Rains
  • Half A Love
  • I Need The Light
  • Kiss
  • Something Screams*new*
  • Last Kiss
  • Pool Of Failures

  • Soreness*new*
  • Storms
  • My Sharp Knife*new*
  • The Dance
  • Solace*new*
  • The Night's Gentle Breeze
  • Nothing For Me
  • Soul Speak*new*
  • I Need A Haven
  • Riding The Rails
  • Virgin Tears
  • These Tears


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