MrNoPersonality is my nick name that my little sister gave to me when we were young.

I am now 27 years old, I live in Romania and I am a programmer who likes programming.

This is a piece of a well-known Romanian poetry:

de Mihai Eminescu
A fost o dată ca-n povești
A fost ca nici o dată
Din rude mari, împărătești
O prea frumoasă fată

Și era una la părinți
Și mândră-n toate cele
Cum e feciora între sfinți
Și luna între stele

Iată şi un script pentru Windows 2000/XP ... scris de mine care compară două directoare şi afişează în consolă (cmd prompt) numele fişierelor modificate sau a celor care există doar într-unul din directoarele comparate.
Descărcaţi fişierul dircomp.bat.txt şi redenumiţi-l în dircomp.bat.

Deşi sunt adept al softului gratuit nu am avut ocazia să lucrez încă serios pe Linux/Unix (nu vor firmele-astea să m-angajeze) şi acest script merge acum doar pe Windows. Dacă aveţi nevoie de el pe Unix/Linux puteţi să-mi scrieţi la şi când am timp îl fac să meargă şi cu sh (Bourne shell).

Here's a script I wrote for Windows 2000/XP (and later) that will compare two directories by content and display a list of files that are different, or that can be found only in one of the sides
Download and rename the file from dircomp.bat.txt to just dircomp.bat. Only works on Windows. Should you need it on Linux/Unix too let me know ( and if I have the time I will write it for sh (Bourne shell) too.

Și aici puteți vedea un alt program C++ (de obicei programez în C++) care citește un fișier (implicit din consolă) și afișează înapoi (în consolă) doar liniile care conțin text, separate de cel mult o linie goală. Util când aveți un fișier text cu prea multe linii goale amestecate printre linii de text.
Descărcați fișierul, redenumiți-l din în și compilați-l cu un compilator C++ corespunzător standardelor. Încercați msys/mingw cu gcc în cazul în care căutați unul.

Here's a C++ program (I am a C++ programmer) that will read a file (from standard console) and write back only the non-empty lines, separated by at most one blank line, if the lines where so separated in the source file. Use it if you have a file with too many blank lines spread among text line, so that the text might be hard to read.
Download, rename the file from to and compile with a standards conforming C++ compiler. Try msys/mingw with gcc if you are looking for such a compiler.

Romanian keyboard map
Linux keyboard map created after the Romanian (Legacy) keyboard layout in Windows. There are two Romanian keyboard layouts in practice today, one qwerty and one qwertz, and many other custom ones that can be found on the internet. The qwerty map is the official standard now, but typists will likely use the qwertz (legacy) one as it provides one-key access to Romanian specific characters (Ș, ș, ț, ă, etc) and only uses key combinations for punctuation and special symbols. However most Romanians find the qwertz layout cumbersome as it differs much from the US layout they use, and Linux does not have a map for this layout at all. If you just switched from Windows to Linux for example and want your old layout you can download this map, copy it to your /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz directory, and then edit your /etc/rc/rc.keymap file to load instead of

The Romanian characters ș and ț are traditionally represented as s with cedilla and t with cedilla on computer systems since Windows 95, even though by the Romanian langauge they should be s with comma under and t with comma under. Of the Windows operating systems only Vista can display the latter, correct, forms by default. Windows XP can also display these after installing European Union Font Upgrade from Microsoft Downloads. Still the keyboard map prezented above uses the old forms (not exactly correct, but compatible) of s with cedilla and t with cedilla from the Latin Exended-A, ISO-8859-2 character set. This is why the map is named The correct characters (with comma under) are part of the Latin Exteded-B, ISO-8859-16 character set.

Note: It is not a complete keyboard map as it is missing certain accents and dead keys from the Windows Romanian (Legacy) layout. If you need these or find any errors, or want the latin-B version please contact me.

And here are some links to good Win32 programs I found in time:

For a good repository of free and open-source software, including software for Windows, you should visit The Free Software Foundation and their Software Directory


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Cheers !