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Structure of a typical class
not be very high in their class.  However, failure to do homework when assigned could cost them 10% of their overall grade.

Students WILL participate every day to their maximum potential.  Participation is not an option, it is a requirement.  Students who do not like hands on learning environments, or who do not wish to participate will be strongly encouraged to enter another class.

Students can expect a quiz every friday on what they have learned that week
This web page is designed to provide parents and students with basic information to what is being studied in my classroom.  Contact me if you have questions
The teaching style I use in my classes requires students to use a intesive hands on approach.  The goal is to have the students role play the environments, issues, and events they are learning to get a better appreciation and understanding for what they are learning about.

Students will do the bulk of their learning in class.  As a result, homework amounts will
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Important Dates
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Ancient and Medieval History
Grading Policy
35% - Test and Quizzes
10% - Homework
35% - Classwork
20% - Project

No late homework is accepted
No late classwork is accpeted except on a case by case basis
Please have your parents read the syllubus and sign and date the top right hand corner of it by Friday.