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Site News***:This is the new News section if we have news on updates or such it will be placed here and please take the time to read it.

News:This site will now be accepting Fan Fictions and will be posting them ASAP after they are sent in. We are also accepting FAn Art and have been for a few months these include comics you have made or just some doddles and sketchs but please try to keep to towards DBZ if they arent DBZ but are like Sailor Moon or Gundam i will add them anyway that goes for Fan Fics and Fan Art. Also i am adding the members as fast as i can if you would like to help on the site talk to me and i will see about letting you help out on the site.----Mr.Piccolo
This is an RPG that is based on Dragon Ball Z/GT based on the famous series which provides a chance to experience fighting in a whole new different way using a chat room provided by SPiN. We will update freqeuntly to anyone who is in this RPG concerning everything from Items that you buy to Power Levels that need to be updated at a snap of a finger. So enjoy.If you want to send us a message click on our name  SSJ4Trunks or Mr.Piccolo to e-mail us and we'll see what we can do or come talk to us in the Dragon Ball RPG chatroom in SPiN.