Students will have homework Monday thru Thursday each week. I do not give homework on
Friday's or through the weekend. Each child is expected to read each night. Please allow him/her to spend one half of the nightly reading time reading aloud to you. He/She may also have nightly assignments in Spelling (Language Arts),Math, Social Studies, and Science.
I try to limit evening homework time to no more than 50 minutes per night.
However, during "snow days season" I reserve the right to
administer homework on otherwise 'non-homework' days :) Thanks for understanding!

Nightly homework assignments can be found at my
School Notes Page
It's easier for me to update the above page each evening.

Students that complete their homework assignments each night will get a chance to play Homeworkopoly. When a student brings in all homework from the night before,he/she
 will have a chance to go over to the board, roll the die and move. Each student will do this in the morning when their homework is handed in. In order to play, homework assignments MUST be neat and complete!!!

Reading Calendars
                     (thanks to Ms. Renz for this idea)

I'm beginning a new reading log system this year. My students will be reading a novel
from a variety of genres each month. At the end of the month he/she will have a reading
project due. Each child will be completing the same type of project (of my choice) each month.
I will include specific instructions with the monthly calendars. Please check the table
below for genres and projects. You can also download new reading calendars (you will need
MS Word installed on your computer system). I will check reading progress at the end
of each week. Each day is worth 25 pts. Each student has the opportunity to achieve an
"easy 100" in the grading book every week.

August/September 2005
Aug/Sept calen.
October 2005
Series Book
Oct calen.
November/December 2005
Fables, Fairy Tales,
and Tall Tales

January 2006
Newberry Award

February 2006

March 2006

April 2006
Historical Fiction

May 2006

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