Welcome to my about me page.  I am entering my 5th year of teaching 5th grade at
Hillsboro School. I am extremely lucky to be teaching at such a family
oriented school. The staff, students, and parents make it feel like home!!!

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Bluefield State College in 2001
right before the birth of my youngest daughter. I knew long ago (like in elementary
school) that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I loved it when teachers gave me
"leftover supplies" at the end of each year.  I spent summers playing school  with my younger
brother and the children  that my mom  babysat.

I am a product of Pocahontas County Schools. As a child, we travelled quite a bit with
my dad's jobs, but always ended up back "home". I did attend school in Maryland
for five years in grades 6 thru 10. My family left West Virginia after the 1986
flood. We moved back to the county when I was a junior in high school. I ended up
graduating with the same friends that I had began school with 13 years earlier!!!

I was very lucky to have completed my student teaching experience at Hillsboro School-
the very school that I now teach at!! I've had the opportunity to watch the students
 there grow and change as learners.What an awesome thing that is :)

I live in a beautiful log home on a farm. I have been happily married to my husband for 12
years and we have four children; one son and three daughters. My children keep both my
husband and myself VERY busy with all of their many school and extracurricular
activities. My husband spends a lot of time coaching the kids' various teams and  I am
very involved "behind the scenes" on various committees. My girls all attend school
at Hillsboro and my son will be starting middle school  this year.

Aside from attending many of my own childrens' sporting events an teaching, I
 also enjoy watching the West Virginia Mountaineers football and basketball teams,
and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers professional football team.  When I have "free" time
I like to read and sew, and of course, play on my computer. I do spend a lot of time
online outside of school searching for new ideas to use in my classroom. The Internet
is a wonderful school resource.

I have one cat and three dogs as pets. My children also have two ponies.