Groundhog Research

Groundhog Poems

During our groundhog project we researched facts about groundhogs

and wrote creature poems about groundhogs.  Here are the poems we wrote

and pictures we painted.  This page may take a minute or two to load,

but it's well worth the wait!


This is the format we used to write creature poems.

Line 1---Name the creature.

Line 2---Use a least 4 words beginning with the creatures name to describe what the creature sees.

Line 3---Use at least 4 words beginning with the creatures name to tell what the creature eats.

Line 4---Use as many words as possible that begin with the creatures name to tell an interesting fact about the creature.


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This is a Groundhog.

It gazes on grateful grass.

Groundhogs live in groovy, grassy burrows.

Groundhogs gather wood and seeds in the summer.

Groundhogs got their name because they live in the ground.

by: Allison

This is a groundhog. 

Groundhogs gnaw on great big chunks of wood.

Groundhogs will wake up glorified with pride.

Groundhogs graze on groovy things on the ground.

by:  Amy

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs graze on grass.  Groundhogs live in grassy deep dark burrows.

Groundhogs gnaw on groovy plants, grass and growing trees.

by:  Chandler

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs gather a lot of food.

Groundhogs are grateful.

Groundhogs eat greens, green beans, green peas, and green zucchini.  They eat a lot of groovy green plants.

by:  Christian

This is a woodchuck. 

Woodchucks whack the wonderful dirt out of the the woodchucks wonder home. 

The woodchucks eat wacky plants and wonder what to woof down.  Woodchucks are wonderful wacky animals that are very weary in the winter.

by:  Daniel

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs grow up in burrows in the growing ground.

Groundhogs gnaw bark and eat grassy grubby herbs and plants. 

Groundhogs grow with gracefulness and graze on grubby plants as they grow up.

by:  Darby

This is a groundhog.

It lives in a grassy ground burrow.

It grazes on genuine grass and greens. 

Groundhogs graze on grassy green places and gnaw on wood.

by:  Grant


This is a groundhog.

 A groundhog lives in a great grassy ground burrow.

A groundhog gnaws great groovy wood pieces!

When a groundhog like Punxatawney Phil glances at it's glorious shadow, it gets scared and goes back in it's great grassy ground burrow!

by:  Jacey

by:  Jason

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in the great grassy ground of the groovy underground burrow.

Groundhogs eat groovy grassy ground and gnaw on wood.

Groundhogs are animals great at gnawing on wood and making gashes in new trees that are good at growing.

If groundhogs don't gnaw on wood their teeth will keep growing until they can't open their great big groundhog mouths.

by:  John

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in groovy burrows that have great grass.

Groundhogs graze on great plants and gnaw on groovy wood.

Groundhogs graze when they gnaw on groovy wood in grassy burrows.

by:  Lindsey

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in the ground in his great,  grand burrow.

Groundhogs gaze at the glorious good grass and grazes on the great wood.

He is the grand groundhog.  He grabs the great grass the gasps when he sees the glorious wood move. 

by:  McKenzie

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in great, grassy ground burrows.  Groundhogs graze on glassy looking wood and plants from Germany.  Groundhogs came from the ground in the groovy woods of Germany.

by:  Michelle

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in a giant underground grassy burrow.

Groundhogs gnaw on great plants and guinea pig sized wood.

Groundhogs gather good looking grassy food and go to sleep in it's giant underground grassy burrow.

by:  Peyton

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in a great big green grass burrow underground.

Groundhogs graze on piles of great green topped acorns.

Groundhogs are great animals that gobble up roots and other plants.

by:  Nina

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in great grassy groovy burrows.  Groundhogs grab groovy grassy plants to eat.

Groundhogs play in the great grassy woods of Germany.

by:  Sammy

This is a woodchuck.

Woodchucks live in a warm wacky wonderful burrow.

Woodchucks eat wacky wonderful winter wood.

Woodchucks are warm blooded, wonderful, wacky mammals.

by:  Skylar

This is a woodchuck.

Some woodchucks live in Wisconsin with weary eyes at dawn.

Woodchucks eat watermelon seeds, wood and (as wacky as it is) walnuts.

Woodchucks play with wascally wabbits.

by:  Tommy

This is a groundhog.

Groundhogs live in a great grassy ground burrow. 

Groundhogs graze on grasses and groovy plants. 

Every year on February 2 a groundhog is pulled out of it's burrow and if he sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter.  If the groundhog doesn't see his shadow then winter is almost over.

by:  Tyler

by:  Wendy

by:  Sarah

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