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Funny Thought:
Looking over at the least competent speller in the class, the English teacher said, "here's an easyone, Rufus.  Spell' weather.
Pulling at his chin, Rufus said "W-E-T-H-O-R" and smiled.
Sighing, the teacher said, "Rufus, that's the worst spell of weather we''ve had her for quiet some time"
               -Jeff Rovin
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A student made a model of the water cycle.  She used a jar with a lid and placed some water, dirt and grass inside.  She put the lid on and covered the top to look like a cloud.   What a clever idea!
These ladies visited a museum and made a fossil.  They brought it to share with the class.  Sounds like they had fun!
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Mrs. Ward visited our class and discussed her trip to Mexico. See what fun it was!
frog fun in the lab!