About Me
I'm F in my 40's who stuggles with weight/yo-yo dieting most of my life.Would like to hear from other women between age 40-60 who also stuggle with weight/dieting.
I like music  esp.the 60's & country best.Some of my fav are;monkees,osmonds,cher,judds,carole king,L.ronstadt,dusty springfield,petula clark
  I also like tv.I like comedies& mysteries best.
  I also like;purple,pigs,puzzle.
  I like books with overweight women charaters espically mysteries.If you know of any to write me
I'm a christian,but stuggle with my walk
  GOD BE WITH US ALL ESPICALLY AFTER SEPT 11,01.No matter what race or religion we are, only GOD is the the judge and we should try to show love for one another instead of hate.

my journal
about me
Name: robyn
Email: mrschubby0@yahoo.com