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The links here still work, but I will not be updating this page.  Please remember to save the new page to your favorites list.
I have rearranged a few things, but all the same information should be available.  If you notice anything I forgot on the new page, please let me know.
Useful links:
Bloom's Info AHS Homepage
E-mail me!
Please keep in mind that I cannot access my e-mail from home, so I won't get your e-mail until the next school day at the earliest.
Scholastic Books
Parents, now you can place your orders right from home!  Use the link below to learn how!
Scholastic Ordering On-line

Please note:  I would request that on-line orders be placed by the due date written on the paper order forms & shown on my Scholastic site.  There are two reasons for this.  One is that once the due date is reached, Scholastic does not allow any more orders to be placed on-line by the parents.  The other is that once I submit an order, the catalogue on-line  is closed to my class.  If you run into a problem with this, please see me and I can adjust the dates.  Thank you!

Also, I occasionally have club catalogues, such as Firefly, on line that are for younger students.  I myself order from them for my family, but you are welcome to browse and order from them as well.
Save those rolls!
I'm collecting toilet paper, paper towel, and wrapping paper tubes.  Save them over the summer & bring them in when you come back!
My homeroom Explorers will need to sign up for all 8 of their GMS presentations by the end of September and submit a list of those dates to me.  They do not have to select their topics, just the dates.