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For periods 1, 3, 5 and 6 periods only.
Beginning of the Year:
Syllabus for the Year-- Parent signature due Friday, August 29th

Class Notebook Set up

PYN Directions

Textbook Scavenger Hunt
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Civil War and Reconstruction

Lead up to Civil War Questions

Civil War Battles Questions

Civil War Chart Questions
Founding of the United States of America:

Practice Map

Preview Pictures and Questions

Enlightenment Assignment

Colonial Descriptions

Federalists and Anti-Federalists Assignment

Liberal v. Conservative Paper Assignment

Constitution Find

Revolutionary War Video Questions

Review Sheet for Test
Schedule for Sept. 8-12
Monday:  Revolutionary War Part II
Tuesday:  Federalists and Anti-Federalists Reading Assignment
Wednesday:  Constitution Find
** Notebooks due Period 1 and 3
Thursday:  Notes:  Separating Powers
**Notebooks due Period 5 and 6
Friday:  Start Bill of Rights

Schedule for September 15-19
Monday:  Finish Bill of Rights
** Liberal or Conservative Paper due
Tuesday:  Checks and Balances
Wednesday:  Notes:  State v. Federal Powers
Thursday:  Review
Friday:  Test on Standard 11.1