There is a man that walks among us who is gifted, spiritually connected, and truly blessed. It is most unfortunate that he uses these gifts NOT to help, but rather for HIS OWN conveniences. He lures ususpecting women into his web of deceit, lies, bringing false hopes and bearing false witness. In the process he leaves behind a trail of tears, broken hearts, doubts, and a negative karma.

Let us remember THE LAWS OF RETURN. Let us remind ourselves that ONCE BLESSED, it is OUR responsiblity to use those gifts wisely, carefully, NEVER TO HURT OR INJURE,......BUT rather to guide, counsel, provide spiritual guidance and support, healing, goodness, peace, and tranquility.

There are many who doubt our gifts and still look upon us as our ancestors were looked upon and misjudged many centuries ago. Let us use this individuals actions as a learning tool NOT to make the same mistakes as he. This too shall apply to Women. Even though we may still be human, it is in our actions that we leave behind a lasting impression among the non-believers around us.

Let us ALWAYS use our gifts, blessings, abilities, to help others. Always to help in a positive way. Just as GIFTS were freely given, they can be freely taken away.

Blessed Be
Mistress of Light

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