'Erman... An' Aw 'Is Ermits!

Hello everybody, and welcome to my website about one of the most wondrous bands of the 1960s, Hermanís Hermits.

Iíll possibly be chatting more about the Hermits than Herman. Not because I donít like the guy, I hold him in the greatest respect, but just because the others never seemed to get the attention they so much deserved. Especially KEITH HOPWOOD who is just gorgeous and who I love to bits. *blows a kiss to Keith cos of his general gorgeous loveliness*


ANYWAY, I will tell you bits and pieces about ĎErman, or Peter to his friends, and of course, aw Ďis ĎErmits. Or Keith, Lek, Karl and Bean to their mates. I shall also be voicing, or at least writing my not so highly valued opinion on films such as Hold On! and Mrs Brown, Youíve Got a Lovely Daughter (well, you do!). And you shall find out which is my favourite ĎErmanís ĎErmits song and all kinds of rubbish like that.

Iíve discovered that I canít even do an opening comments box without rambling. Dammit.

Enjoy yourself, and come back soon.

Peace, love and Keith Hopwoodís black jacket on Mrs Brown Youíve Got a Lovely Daughter *rrrrrrrrrrRUFF!*

Oh and the banana he was eating with a knife in the party sceneÖ *thud*

Spev xx


I, sadly, do not own Hermanís Hermits. Imagine ME owning Keith Hopwood for the dayÖ *mind wanders too far* AHEM. Anyway, all fanfiction, photo captions (not photos) and all wordy type stuff are copyright © Spev Moon - thatís me. Do not nick my fanfiction, as I worked hard on it, and even though I may feel honoured that you find my writing good enough to want to steal, I will possibly send you a very nasty e-mail asking you to get your thieving hands OFF my handiwork and donít do it again! I do not wish to do this, as I am a generally nice person, so do not force me to. Thanks. Do not nick my captions either, as I will kill you, and like I say, Iím a nice person, so I donít want to do that either. Basically, the general nub of my gist is, anything I write here, donít nick.

The photos have all been taken from various places on the net, especially www.hermanshermits.com, www.plutomusic.com and www.peternoone.com. Sorry if Iím breaking any copyright laws here, but if you want credit for the photos then here it is Ė I NICKED ALL THESE PHOTOS FROM THE HERMANíS HERMITS OFFICIAL SITE, KEITH HOPWOODíS WEBSITE AND PETER NOONEíS WEBSITE. THEREFORE NONE OF THE PICTURES ARE MINE! NOT ONE! I NEVER TOOK ANY, I NEVER SCANNED ANY, NONE OF THEM ARE MINE, THEY ARE ALL FROM ONE OF THE THREE SITES IíVE ALREADY MENTIONED IN MY PREVIOUS UTTERANCE! Will that do?

No members of Hermanís Hermits are affiliated with this site, although I did e-mail Keith to tell him I was making it and that I couldnít think of a name for it. If any member of the band wishes to be affiliated with the site, then all they need to do is contact me at this address: uncle_ernie69@hotmail.com, and I will write somewhere that this site exists with the kind permission of Mr (Insert Band Memberís Name Here) or something similar.

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