Rikki-tikki-tavi” Discussion Questions         Grade 7           Mrs. McDee


Word process the answers to the questions below and print them off. Bring the hard copy to class to aid in discussion.


1. Define the term onomatopoeia.

2. What do the humans’ reactions to Rikki reveal about their characters? P. 5

3. Define the term foreshadowing & give an example of it from p. 6.

4. Who might Nag be?

5. What example of suspense can be found on page 9?

6. Define the term proverb.

7. What is the point of including Chuchundra in the story? P. 10

8. What data does Rikki collect before attacking the snakes & how does he prepare himself before he makes his decision to move and attach Nag?p. 11

9. Why will Nagaina be more terrible than five Nags? P. 11

10. What is the stick Darzee refers to, and why would he call the object by a different name? p. 11

11. Why is Darzee concerned that Rikki might by planning to eat the eggs? P. 12

12. Why do you think that the narrator says that Darzee is very much like a man? P. 12

13. What do you think Rikki means to do with the eggs? P. 13

14. Why do you think Nagaina waits before striking at Teddy and his family?p. 13

15. Do you think that Nagaina deserves any sympathy? P.13

16. Why does Rikki tell Nagaina that he killed Nag?p.13

17. Do you believe, as Darzee does, that Tikki will be killed? Why or why not? P. 14

18. Who in the garden is likely to be thankful that the snakes are dead? P. 15

19. Knowing what you know about Rikki and Darzee, why do you think Rikki interrupts Darzee’s song? P. 15