Adoption should be considered first and foremost,benificial to the adoptee.This is not always the way.Of course,it is a great resolution for the birth parents who dont have the financial stability,have been sexually abused,or aren't  mature enough to  raise a child on thier own.
   But once  the adoptee child becomes an adult, they should be entitled to their roots.At least for the medical reasons.You can write your agency,,hospital,or state bureau,but they will not hear of "I just want to be reunited", so please never  mention it.
  It still is the law to keep confidentiality in most states.The agency can however provide you with non-identifying information which can help alot.But sometimes can lead you to more family and more puzzle pieces than you started with.You can search the web but it sometimes feels hopeless for some.Although there are great success stories this way too. I  am Michele and hopeful to find my own birth family and help others.Join me on my adventure....
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Hello,my name is Michele (friends call me Shell). I hope you are in good spirits.I am on my second marriage with a daughter of my own and 2 stepsons.
  I was born in 1971 in Chicago,Illionois...and let me tell you it is a pain to open records here! But I am willing to try as long as it takes.
It  has been an interesting experience searching all the different ways people come to reunite.Also, my a-mom is supportive with my search and my a-dad passed away when I was 5 years old.
  After contacting the agency (through letter),I have found I have a full blooded sister & my b- parents WERE  actually married. Although the info you get from the agency isn't  always 100% accurate, these clues will help you to come along further in your search.The search can be fun at times,when you progress.But, it can also be very you can't give up hope!
I would like to help  anyone wanting to find someone as I continue to search.Wouldn't it be great to know where you're from? JOIN.....
    I am finished with my search. Almost 4 years after receiving my non-identifying information and purchasing the "Hugs" kit, I hired a group called Omni Trace. It took them about 10 months to find a member of my family. They couldn't trace my B-folks but did give me my full blooded b-sisters home phone number. The reunion with my sister went well. Then my sister contacted my birth parents and told them about me.We then decided to meet after Christmas. It was a fabulous reunion. The search was an incredible experience because I got to meet so many wonderful people involved in the "Triad" online and in clubs. What awesome support!  I will keep this updated in honor of those folks that helped out and I helped throughout the years. I love and appreciate you lots!                                                                                                                          Your friend,  Shell
P.S. Keep the emails coming if you need help on your search...still have the kit for every state.
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