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6th Grade: We are beginning with decimals and expressions that use variables.

7th Grade
: This course will begin with expressions and operations with integers.
This website was created to enrich students' and parents' middle school math experience.
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          About Your Binder Reminder:
We will be using our agendas in class everyday.  Please note that pages R-11 to R-14 contain some useful mathematics resources for you. 

Each day you will come into class and get out your pencil and homework.  After we correct last night's homework, you will be given time to write down your score and tonight's homework.  Please plan to spend approximately 20-30 minutes each night on your math assignment.

Each Friday your binder reminder will be checked for a parent or guardian's signature during your homeroom.  You must use this resource if it is to benefit you!  Write in it daily and get it signed weekly.  Your school strongly believes that the binder reminders are a valuable resource and good habit to help you develop the organizational skills you need to succeed in life!
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Tuesday: Mrs. Bertin                    Room 20
Wednesday: Ms. Roseberry       Room 8
Mrs. Riley                    Room 9