Instructor:  Tara Hernandez

Classroom:  E106

Planning Period: 12:10-12:50 p.m.

Contact:  817-263-1600


Tutorials: Every morning at 8:00 for all students. 
                                 Monday (Super Monday Tutorial) 3:45-4:45  Honors Physics

                                 Monday (Super Monday Tutorial) 5:00-7:30 AP Physics


Classroom Expectations:  All District and South Hills High School Rules will be followed.

  1. Talk only at appropriate times using appropriate language.
  2. Respect yourselves, teachers/staff, others, and school property at all times.
  3. Be in your seat with your supplies when the bell rings.
  4. Be alert at all time.
  5. Put a proper heading on all papers.


Period __________



Laboratory Expectations:  The laboratory is expected to be a safe environment.  Any form of running, jumping, or horseplay is unacceptable behavior and will be subject to consequences. Students are not to bring any food, gum, candy or drinks into the laboratory.   In addition, open toed shoes or heals should be avoided in the laboratory during experiments for the safety of the student. Hair must be pulled back during labs and shorts should be avoided the day a lab is expected. Pants and fully closed shoes are suggested because it creates a barrier between the chemical and the student. In addition, we will not falsify findings for the purpose of making a better grade.  Labs are graded based on the process of scientific exploration.  In the process of scientific exploration, it is often found that sometimes our hypothesis is correct and sometimes it is not.  Errors are common and should be documented.


Technology Expectations: 

  1. Computers are a privilege and are not to be misused.
  2. Students should not be using e-mail, be in a chat room, play games, or look at any material that is not content related.
  3. The right to use the computers may be taken away at any time.
  4. Computers will be used only with the permission of the teacher or for a specified assignment by the teacher. 

Ringer Expectations:

  1. Students are to use the restroom before class not during the Bell Ringer.
  2. Students should have their materials and be in their seats when the bell rings.
  3. Students should refrain from talking, passing notes, doing class work, or any other activity during this time.
  4. All students are expected to respond during the 5 minutes of Bell Ringer time.
  5. Students are to be in their seats for the duration of the Bell Ringer.


Supplies:  Students are expected to bring the appropriate supplies to class everyday.  A pocket folder with prongs is required for this class.  Folders will be left in the classroom and graded weekly.

1st period: blue pocket folder with prongs and a  blue 70+ page spiral notebook

2nd  period: purple pocket folder with prongs and a  purple 70+ page spiral notebook

3rd period: red pocket folder with prongs

4th period:  2  100+ page quad ruled spiral notebooks

Students will also need to bring the following to class daily:

Pens and pencils

Loose notebook paper

Calculator (prefer TI-30xIIS or a TI 30Xa, TI graphing calculators are also acceptable)

Students will also need to have the following available to them for projects:

Poster board (suggested: at least 2)



Colored pencils/crayons/markers

Construction paper


Folders: Students are required to keep a folder and spiral notebook for my class.  Grades will be given randomly based on the maintenance of this folder and spiral notebook.  The folder and spiral must be left in the room in the appropriate designated location everyday and should not leave the room without permission.  If you feel the need to take the folder or spiral home, the teacher must be notified.  Students should not tag or draw on or in their folders or spirals.  Students should not tear paper out of their spiral notebooks at anytime because they are meant to last the entire semester.  YOU MUST KEEP YOUR FOLDER AND SPIRAL NEAT AND CLEAN!!!!!!!!!

Seating arrangements:  Students are allowed to sit at any of the tables provided for students.  The desks should be left empty of trash and belongings when class is dismissed.  Do not write on these desks or remove items that are school property.  Seating arrangements may change at any time if deemed necessary. 

Restroom passes: 

The restroom should be used between classes.  Students who need to use the restroom during class time miss valuable information.  One restroom pass will be allowed per six weeks and additional passes can be earned for positive behavior. Students who use all of their passes will not be allowed to use the restroom or water fountain unless it is an emergency.



Consequences: All consequences are subject to change based upon the severity of the offense.

First offense: Warning

Second offense: One on one warning and or conference with the teacher

Third offense: Detention will be assigned and/or a parent or guardian will be contacted

Fourth offense: Referral to the office.


Attendance and Tardies:  Each semester a 90% attendance rule is in effect.  Lack of attendance can cause a student to loose credit for the semester.  Students who are tardy will have disciplinary consequences taken against them to correct this behavior.  If you are going to be out, please make arrangements not to miss this class.

Academic Dishonesty:  Academic honesty and integrity is expected of all students.  This experience demands a high level of scholarly behavior and academic honesty on the part of the student.  Examples of academic dishonesty include but are not limited to:  (1) turning in work as original that was used in part or in whole without obtaining the instructors permission in advance; (2) turning in another person’s work as your own; (3) copying from professional works without citing them; and (4) any form of cheating on exams.  Violations of academic integrity/ honesty will result in a zero on the particular assignment.



Honors Physics
Exams                                                                                     10%
Tests/Quizzes                                                                           30%

Daily Grades                                                                             20%

Labs                                                                                         40%

AP Physics

Course Section Grading: (Fall)                                     (Spring)
Exam                                       10%                                         Exam                                      10%
Tests                                        30%                                         Tests/Lab Practicals                30%

Lab                                          30%                                         Pre-Lab                                  10%

Daily                                         15%                                        Lab                                         30%
Recitations                                15%                                        Daily/Recitation                        20%

Lab Section Grading:
Lab Practical                            25%

Pre-Lab                                    25%

Lab                                          50%


Folders and spirals count as a daily grade and will be graded based on neatness, filling out the assignment account, and bell ringers.

Projects will be assessed on a number of factors including but not limited to: neatness, effort, group members’ evaluation, and content.

The tests or quizzes are graded based on the number of questions answered correct out of the total number of questions.  Tests are weighted 2x while quizzes are weighted 1x.

There will be several assignments throughout the year and they will be graded based on the number of questions correct out of the total number of questions assigned.

Labs will be graded based on the scientific process.  Evidence must support the answers obtained for the lab and all labs are required to have a full and complete write up.

Daily grades include activities, worksheets, homework, folder grades, oral assignments, and other grades as necessary.





F=anything below 70

Homework: Homework is an essential part of the learning process.  Students will have homework assignments on a weekly basis.  Homework helps to prepare for upcoming laboratory experiences, as well as practicing with material in preparation for a test.

Late Work:
Honors Physics: 20 points off the first day an assignment is late.  l0 points off each additional day and after the 5th day it will not be accepted.
AP Physics: 20 points off the first and second day and then the assignment is not accepted after that.

Turning in Classwork
  There are labeled trays; each class has a tray specific to their class.  Please place any work to be turned in, in the appropriate tray for grading.  Any late work needs to be turned in to the late work tray.

Missed exams, labs and assignments: For each day a student is absent there is one day given to turn in any missed assignments and two days for any missed lab.  All make-up exams must be scheduled with the teacher.  If a student needs more time it is important that this be discussed with the teacher and a completion date chosen. There is a binder with a make-up sheet placed in it for all students who miss class for any reason. Check the binder for the particular date of the absence and obtain any work that was missed. (See also consequences for late work.)

Extra Credit:  Students are always given the opportunity to bring in school supplies for the class to share for extra credit.  Some items of necissity include: notebook paper, pens, pencils, crayons, map pencils, glue sticks, white school glue, facial tissue, construction paper, and markers.  In addition, students can bring a ticket stub along with a one page rfeview of the Museum of Science and History, the Dallas Science Museum, the Fort Worth or Dallas Zoo, or the Omni Theatre.  Other places may be acceptable, but need to be approved through the teacher. 

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