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Pawnee Rock along the Santa Fe Trail - Photo by Melinda Kolk

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Drum Tower (built in 1380)

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Past Fourth Grade Themes and Projects:

U.S. Constitution Project

Immigrant Story

Oregon Trail Newspaper Project

The Ancient Greek Research Project

The Balch Institute


                                                                     U.S. Constitution Project

        Working with your research partner, use the internet to find information about one of the following topics:

1.  How a bill becomes a law.
2.  The three branches of the government
3.  The Constitutional convention of 1787
4.  The Bill of Rights
5.  The Articles of Confederation
6.  Checks and Balances

Ben's Guide for Kids

                                                                        Immigrant Story

    After reading The Witch of Fourth Street, students will each write his own immigrant story using the setting and characters from the book, and an immigrant character of their own creation. The directions for writing are as follows:

    1.  Using a character web, decide on your character. Where is he/she from? How old is the person?

    2.  Using the story map, create the setting for your story. Decide on the problem and how it will be solved.

    3.  After writing your notes, use the AlphaSmart computer to write a rough draft of your story.

Peaks/waves of immigration

Oregon Trail Newspaper Project
News Article

    If each member of your group is to write a news article, you need to keep in mind just what a news article must contain. First, you need news! Then you need facts about your news. Be sure to answer the 5 w's:

The 5 w's

What happened?
Who was involved?
When did it take place?
Why was it news?
How did it happen?


Human Interest Story

    If you are writing a feature article, you need an event to write about, and you need to write about the 5 w's as listed above, but you also need to include some human interest in your story. How did the people who were involved feel about what happened? You may want to quote someone in your article.


    If you are writing an editorial, you need to find an issue. An issue needs to have different points of view about the subject. In your editorial you need to use the 5 w's, but you need to present two sides of the issue. You need to take on side and argue your position on it.

Internet Links

Westward Expansion Research Topics

Oregon Trail History Library
This web site has a list of links to historical events and may be helpful in writing a news story.

Black Pioneers of Oregon
This web site has biographical sketches of black pioneers and may be helpful in writing a human interest story.


The Ancient Greek Research Project

    In your research group, you will look for information about your topic, and write facts in your journal. Use several sources to gather your information. There are excellent books in the classroom as well as several good websites.

    After gathering facts, your group must decide how best to present the material to the class. You may choose any method to present your material. The only method you may not use is to read a report. You may decide to present a skit, or create a news or quiz show, but be sure you write a script including the facts that you have learned. Also, create props to show artifacts about Ancient Greece.

    Mrs. Teillon is available as a consultant, but the "3 before me" rule is in effect. This means that you may only ask Mrs. Teillon a question if all three people in your group are unsure of the answer.

Assessment will be based on:



1. Taking effective notes from your reading.
2. Group participation
3. Presentation: memorization, eye contact and clear loud voices.

Topics for research:

1. City States and democracy
2. Art and architecture of Ancient Greece
3. Philosophers and scientists: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Archimedes
4. Olympics: where, when, why?
5. Daily life of Greek people: school, food, housing, slaves, role of women
6. Soldiers and warfare: important wars
7. Trade and transportation: what did they trade and why? With whom did they trade?
8. Theaters and music
9. Geography: How did it influence the way of life of the ancient Greeks?

A few Internet resources:


Ancient Greek World: The Land of Ancient Greece

ODYSSEY/Greece/Daily Life

Doric and Ionic

Greek Theater Links

AngliaCampus: Greek Soldiers