Welcome to Mrs. Whiskers Pet Sitting Service!

Serving the southern Orange County, NY area
Proud Member of Pet Sitters International




What is pet sitting?

pet sitting is an easy, affordable way for you
to go to work, on vacation, or away on business
and leave your pet(s) at home.

your pets are cared for by a professional who,
in your absence, will walk, feed, love, and watch
over your pets while you are away. long gone are
the days when pet owners could seldom go away
because no one could competently take care of their pets!

Mrs. Whiskers even takes care of exotic pets!

How do i use your service?
can I get more information?

you can click the button below
and email us or call us at
(845) 783-0908.
We strongly suggest that you contact us at least 2 weeks
prior to needing our service for the first time, and
include the type of pets, the town in which you live,
and the date(s) for which you'll need our services.

We send out some paperwork first and schedule an intake
interview about a week later. At the intake we visit
your home with your pet to see how we get along.
We ask that the pet has seen the vet in the last 12 months
and that a copy of their current vaccinations is available.

In the future when you need our services, you can call
in as little as 4 days in advance (more notice is
recommended during peak times -holidays, summertime).


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