A Note to Parents

If you are a parent of a Kindergartener, you will see many amazing changes in your child throughout the coming year. Among these, you will see greater self-esteem and confidence, communication on a higher level, and familiarity with letters and sounds as a way of expression. Your child will grow tremendously this year--just compare a tiny garden seed with a full-grown flower. Now you get the picture!

Helping Your Child Blossom

If you compare your child to a seed, YOU as a parent are the gardener. It is your job to cultivate your child's desire for school and help him or her to grow. One of the simplest ways to do this is to ask him or her about the day at school. I will be sending home a weekly newsletter in order to let YOU know what is taking place in our classroom. You should be able to knowledgably ask your child about what he or she is learning. Don't ask the age-old question "What did you learn in school today?", and don't accept the easy answer, "Nothing". Showing excitement about what your child is learning is an easy way to let him or her know that you see school and learning as important.

Your child will also be bringing home a folder every Monday night containing work, letters from school, or letters or notes from me. PLEASE take the time necessary to read or skim each of these notes, as they are very important. Your child should have an empty folder each Tuesday- only containing notes or homework for me!

A behavior success sheet will also come home with each student on Mondays. Please look over this, sign and return it on Tuesday. The discipline system within our classroom will be a success only if you consider it important and discuss its consequences with your child.


Policies and Procedures

If you or someone else is picking your child up from school, please send a signed, dated note to me that morning or prior to it. That way, I can make sure that if your child rides the bus, he will leave school with the right person and on the right mode of transportation.

Your child will need a small, healthy snack each day, packed in a bag SEPARATELY from his/her lunch. Please make sure that it is something that can be eaten in 5 minutes. If your child is buying lunch, please send the lunch money in an envelope which has the amount and your child's name written CLEARLY on the outside.

Your child will need his/her backpack every day. Make sure that it as well as all of his/her supplies are clearly labeled with his/her name, even small items such as pencils and gluesticks. This makes it much easier to solve disputes and return them to rightful owners!

If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to call the school or send a message to me through your child or through my e-mail at school or home. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Most of all, continue to support your child in all of his/her endeavors here at school. Help him or her realize that making mistakes is part of learning. Encourage your child to do his or her best in all he or she tries to do. Success is achieved only when we realize that is accomplished on different levels.

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