Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mr. Thick has always been a down-to-earth guy. True to his roots as a Filipino-American, raised through tough times between his divorced mother and father, Mr. Thick had always been the guy that invites you over to chill. His best friends note him as trustworthy, understanding, and very creative.

"It has always been an ultimate dream of mine to become famous for something such as entertaining the millions.  Just like Michael Jackson had so many fans around the world, crying because he touched their finger tips, screaming his name from 75 feet away. I wanna have such fame (and such fortune). I also wanna be able to be famous for a reason. Not one of these so-called celebrities who are so-called famous because of something that has no purpose to ANY industry."

Mr. Thick was made officially part of On-Hit Entertainment on August 27th, 2007 while on a trip to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Convention with label mate and CEO of On-Hit Entertainment, Fatal Mack. He is the newest Artist on the label as well as Executive Assistant and Assistant Talent Scout for On-Hit Entertainment.

"Hey, T.I. said it best when he said, 'Big Things Poppin and Little Things Stoppin' and I don't know about yall but that's just what's happening..."

Mr. Thick is currently writing for his debut album,The Big Girls' Playboy, which is projected to release in the next few years. Mr. Thick is also set to appear on several On-Hit mixtapes as well as his own mixtape coming soon titled, "The Showcase of Thick" which will feature Fatal Mack, Soljahh, Skitz-O, Revelation Zion and others. Mr. Thick has been working on other things in his life as well that will have priority before he can concentrate on releasing his debut album. As for signing to a major deal, he notes,

"Mr. Thick one day will be a household name like Snoop Dogg and Flavor Flav had always been...or like Britney Spears, but today is not that day. If I were to get an offer from a major label, I would really think about it first. I mean, of course I'd wanna sign to a major record label but I don't wanna get shafted and plus, Fatal Mack is my mentor...

"I stay humble and loyal..."
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