Mr. Tomeo's math classes

Hopefully you will find the information on this page useful in answering your questions concerning math class, especially in regards to homework. Please click on the link below to go to the proper class to get a list of recent homework assignments, as well as key things to remember. Also there will be problems worked out for you from homeworks. If you still have questions, click on the email link below and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.
Algebra II
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
NO late homework will be accepted this quarter. IF you are absent it is due the next day.
Email: Mr Tomeo
Class expectations:

1. On time and ready for class when the bell rings.
2. Work done in pencil
3. Homework due at the
beginning of the class.
4. Participate in class.
5. Try your best.