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Text Box: Address:
Student of 2001 Batch,
Department of Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science,
Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-01712376559, +88-0191614241
E-mail: mruhamin@yahoo.com









Text Box: Career Objective


To work dynamically in a challenging environment where innovative ideas are encouraged. For the implementation of these ideas, the special fields of interests are, process plant design, simulation, its optimization, process control & automation, and research & development to meet up with the ever growing demand of improved modern technology, and also interested in research & development in the Fields which are directly related with human life, like air, water, food etc.



Text Box: Quick Profile &Key Qualifications




B.Sc. Engineering on Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP) from Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology (From 2001—till now), HSC from Dhaka (2001) and SSC from Rajshahi (1999).


Attained Training at the Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI) for one month. Visited Plants are Fertilizer, Glass, Cement, Paper, Cable, Petroleum Refinery, Sugar, Dairy, Textile industries, etc.


Associated in a number of important projects under INNOWA (Innovative Water Treatment) which is an EU (European Union) project. The projects include “INNOWA Sintered Clay Filter”, “INNOWA Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)”,INNOWA Double Layer Micro Filter”, etc. A number of these successful inventions are being furnished for patents. Some other research projects also are under going fabrication for being published, such as “Hybrid Distillation Column”, “Development of the Capillary Method for Concentration Measurement”, “Foaming Separation Technique for Surfactant Solutions”, etc.


Splendid Computer proficiencies on MS Office, Graphics, Programming, etc.


Excellent in Bangla and English. Quick learner and capable of working with minimum supervision, strong adaptability in changing environments, multitasking capability, and innovative & inventive in nature. Knowledge and experience of working with own initiative and also as a part of a team in different levels including leadership.


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2001-now:    B.Sc. Engineering on Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP)

School of Applied Sciences

Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Result: CGPA B+, 3.40 out of 4, published up to 3rd Year 1st Semester


2001:              Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (HSC)

College:   Dhaka Residential Model College, Dhaka.

Board:     Dhaka, Bangladesh

Group:     Science

Result:     First Division (74.30%)


1998:              Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC)

School:    Dhulauri High School

Board:     Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Group:     Science

Result:     First Division (77.90%)



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Pursued training at the Training Institute of Chemical Industries (TICI), the central training institute of BCIC, for duration of one month. Some of the important topics of the training program include “Introduction to Process Technology & Process Control Techniques”, “Process Symbols & Process Drawings”, “Heat Transfer & Heat Exchangers”, “Industrial Water Treatment”, “Industrial Cooling Water Systems”, “Boiler & Steam System”, “Pump Technology & Operation”, “Compressors & Compression System Operation”, “Steam Turbine & Turbine Operation”, “Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation”, “Measuring Devises & Sensors”, “Controllers”, “Control Valves”, “Process Control Loops”, “Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)”, “Introduction to Distributed Control System (DCS)”, “Industrial Safety”, etc.


Visited Plants are:

Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Ltd. (CUFL), Chittagong;

Triple Super Phosphate Complex (TSP), Chittagong;

Urea Fertilizer Factory Ltd. (UFFL) Norshingdi;

Usmania Glass Industry, Chittagong;

Karnofuly Paper Mills Ltd. (KPM), Rangamati;

Eastern Refinery Ltd. (ERL), Chittagong;

BRB Cables Ltd., Kushtia;

Kushtia Sugar Mills Ltd., Kustia;

Milk Vita Co., Sirajgong;

Akij Textile Mills Ltd., Manikgonj

Laffarge Surma Cement Ltd., Chhatak.





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A: Equipment Handling: Flow Equipment, Running Water Treatment Plants (Ion-exchange, Membrane Separation, Soda-lime), Heat exchangers, Programmable Logic Control Systems (PLC), Distribution Control System (DCS), Control System of a number of Pilot-plant in lab activities in the Department and during trainings.


B: Instrument operation experience: PLC, UV-Spectrophotometer, IR Spectrophotometer, FFT-IR Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, CSTR operation, Refractor meter, Ion exchange apparatus, Equipments for stage operations.


Granted the grand responsibility as one of the executive volunteers who are to be the ones directly involved in the foundation of the “Center for Water & Membrane Technology” after the INNOWA‑SUST Conference of April 2007 at SUST campus.



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Microsoft Office         : MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point

Programming               : C

Graphics                      : Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, 3-D Studio Max, AutoCAD

Operating System       : Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP.




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Involved in a number of important projects under INNOWA. INNOWA (Innovative Water Treatment) is an EU (European Union) project in collaboration with the following renowned universities:

Ø      Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh

Ø      University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe, Germany

Ø      Institute on Membrane Technology at the University of Calabria, Italy

Ø      Jiangsu Polytechnic University, P.R. China


The performed projects in which I was involved as a team member for designings, constructions, and testings under the supervision of the local Task Leader Prof. Dr. Aktarul Islam [Ref. 1] are as follows:

  1. Design, Construction & Simulation of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) under             EU-Project, INNOWA.


  1. Design, Construction & Simulation of SUST-Bioreactor (SBR) for Industrial waste water treatment.


  1. Design, Construction & Simulation of SUST- Bioreactor (SBR) for  Laundry  water treatment.



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From 2003 to still now Involved with the following research & development activities as an active member of a research group (Harbinger Team) who are working under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aktarul Islam:


A. Hybrid Distillation Column: Using the concept of tray column and packed column, a sophisticated high performance hybrid distillation unit was designed and constructed with locally available raw materials. This unit is now being applied for efficient separation in other experiments in the CEP labs in SUST.


B. Development of the Method of Concentration Measurement using Capillary Action: A novel quick and cost-effective method with light instruments for determining the concentrations of organic solutions.


C. INNOWA Sintered Clay Filter: For ground, surface (including arsenic & iron removal), and municipal water treatment for potable and industrial purposes:

The aim of this project is to build a hybrid technology to compete with membrane technology in water treatment, regarding cost and performance. A complete unit was designed, constructed step by step, tested for performance and for further enhancements.


D. INNOWA Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR): An electronically automated membrane bio reactor for the purpose of treating textile waste water was constructed based on an imported membrane module.

For details visit: www.innowa.org


E: INNOWA Double Layer Membrane For Ultra filtration


F: Foaming Separation Technique for Surfactant Solutions: The driving force of this separation is that surfactants prefer to accumulate to the free surfaces rather than to stay in the bulk with the solvent water.


G: Composition Optimization of Clay Filter.




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I have completed my under graduate thesis on design ,construction and  simulation of water treatment unit for Arsenic & Iron water treatment and study on water quality control under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aktarul Islam






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An Executive Committee (EC) member as the Assistant Treasurer of CEP Fraternity which is the Departmental society, chaired by the Honorable Head of the Department and whose members are all students and Teachers in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science, SUST.


An Executive Committee (EC) member as the Assistant General Secretary (AGS) of Greater Pabna Association, Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology.


Selected as a Speaker for the exhibition of own new inventions in the INNWA-SUST Conference on Water Treatment bound for April 1 to 4 at SUST campus.



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Traveling, Swimming, Playing & Watching Sports (Cricket, Badminton, Carum). Interested in reading (Scientific & Technical, Story, Novel, etc.), Writing Articles, and free hand drawing as well as by graphical programs.




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Being a Bangladeshi had the opportunity to visit  and dwell in her different renowned districts such as Sylhet, Moulovi Bazar, Sunamgang, Hobigange, Norshingdi, Dhaka, Narayangang Gazipur, , Maymensingh, Manikgang, Tangail Chittagong, Cox’sbazar, Rangamati, , Rajshahi, Pabna, Sirajgang, Nator, Bogra, Naogong, Khustia etc.



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Bangla            : As mother language; Speaking, Reading, and Writing are Excellent


English            : As an international language, it was integrated in parallel with Bangla in earlier studies; and now, it is totally English medium. Reading and Writing are Excellent, speaking is good.


Hindi               : From entertainment media, good understanding and a little speaking


Arabic             : Learned from the studies of the religious Books of Islam. Reading and writing are good and also a little comprehension.






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Name                          :  Md. Ruhul Amin

Nick Name                 :  Rahul

Date of Birth              :  30 june 1984

Father’s Name           :  Md. Ab. Gofur Molla (Late)

Mother’s Name         :  Mrs. Rokeya Khatun

Marital Status            :  Single

Nationality                  :  Bangladeshi (By Birth)

Present Address         :  Matin Manshion, Prantic-11,Fazil Chist, Subid Bazar,

   Sylhet‑3100, Bangladesh

Permanent Address   :  Vill +P.O : Dhulauri, Thana : Santhia, Dist : Pabna, Bangladesh

Mailing Address        :  9th Batch Student, Session 2001-02, Department of Chemical

   Engineering & Polymer Science, Shah Jalal University of

   Science & Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh

Phone                          :  +88-01712376559

E-mail                         :  mruhamin@yahoo.com















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